X-Men : Apocalypse Trailer Review

Okay, my first post after I am MIA for almost a year. I don't know much about X-Men so if I make some mistakes please point it out for me.

The first trailer of X-Men Apocalypse is amazing... I tell you. Some people says that we already know many things about the newest movie, but I don't think we do. I think that somethings unexpected will surprise us in this movie because there are so much secrecy for this one and Bryan Singer always lies when it comes to his movies, especially X-Men.

So know, let's talk about the trailer.

The trailers opens this silhouette of Jean Grey in the Cerebro

Yeah, that is Jean. Bryan Singer has confirmed it, but for me without any confirmation from the director, I know that is Jean because she is the only person in the cast who are able to pull that kind of silhouette. Then it was followed by the destruction of the earth which appears in Jean Grey's dream...

Wow, pretty bad, right. Jane wakes up and Prof X tells her that "It was just a dream." which will come true, Professor. The we see Professor X's university, Oxford.

I think this is a flashback scene since it is so similar with the scene from First Class. Maybe Charles is remembering something which is linked to the first movie.

Moving one, we see Apocalypse in a cloak and young Storm. They are with Caliban, I think.

Caliban is a walking Cerebro and I think Apocalypse needs him to find some mutants for him, possibly his horsemen. With the help of Calibans, he find Angel, Psylock and Magneto and possibly more.

We then see Moira, who is back, explaining about Apocalypse to Professor X and Alex Summers.

It seems that Moira is over Charles because we see a picture of a man and a boy, which could be her family. 

The we see this...

When I watched the trailer for the first time, I didn't notice anything wrong with it. I focused on Apocalypse which is hidden, but then I notice that the building behind him looks like the prisoner where Nazi captured Erik's mother in the First Class and we saw Erik's lumberjack (maybe) outfit. 

Is Apocalypse here inviting Erik to "revisit" his worst memory? Isn't that what Apocalypse usually do? Maybe this is one of some ways to get Erik joins him as his horseman. 

I think Charles experiences the same thing without really join the revisit thing because he says "Oh God..." and he is CRYING in this scene. 

Then we see Erik, under Apocalypse's order, kidnaps Charles.

I heard rumor about Apocalypse is looking for a fifth horseman and maybe this is the main reason why the kidnapping happens. I don't feel any surprise if this really happens. Charles Xavier has a powerful frightening power.

And then the X-Men with Raven as the leader go into a war. We can see Moira, the only human, then Hank, Quicksilver, Jean, Cyclops and Nightcrawler, which is hidden behind Hank in the plane, 

which is interesting because we don't see Quicksilver in this scene.

Maybe he is kidnapped firs and then the rest followed because he is in this kind of prison with everyone else.

And here we have my favourite part of the trailer, Charles' black eyes.

There are so many emotions in this short scene. Charles is probably feeling Apocalypse's power through Cerebro and he looks scared at first, then awe (we know Charles is always in awe when mutant's power is involved) and the used to it. Great acting.

The last scene in the trailer is what we have been waiting for, well I have been waiting for it. A bald Charles Xavier. It is interesting that Bryan Singer said in his Instagram " The reborn of..." Reborn?? is something unexpected happening in the movie?

I believe that this scene, which Bryan said that Charles was looking at someone not the camera, is the last scene in the movie and the one Charles sees is Erik. This is just my guess after seeing the latest picture of X-Men Apocalypse's behind the scene.

Here we can see Charles and Erik in a turtleneck, which the only clothes, except for the yellow blue suit,  he wore in First Class movie. Is Erik coming back to X Mansion and joins Charles building the school?? He does build the school with Charles in the comic, right?

We'll see on May...

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