I am Back.... and I Want to Apologize

I am still alive, people! Yay yay yay
I am so sorry for not posting anything for a LONG time...
I have been busy.

As you know, I join this program called SM-3T which young teachers are sent to remote area all across the country for a year. I was sent to East Borneo and THANKS GOD I still get signal and internet connection.
However, I was soooo busy to update anything. I even didn't have time to watch movies and such. It sucks, right??

Anyway, I have a good news for you, guys...


I hope you guys re happy with it. Sorry, if I ask too much...

I don't know how many reviews, opinions, news, or story I can post here, but I WILL try to post one in two weeks. I TRY, okay. Try is the key word. But afraid not, before flood attacks this small village where I live now for a year, I will post as many as I can. Yeah, people, you read that right. There will be flood attack here in two or three weeks. Hopefully I can still get internet connection by then. Cross fingers.

So, to pay for my absent, I will upload some trailer reviews, movie reviews, news, and any other shits as much as I can.

I will upload my X-Men - Apocalypse trailer review tomorrow. X-Men Apocalypse is my anticipated movie of the year. I really want to watch it but well, it needs 12 hours to go to the nearby cinema which is only one in the capital city. Well, bear with me until I can download.

Okay, I will see you in my Trailer Review of X-Men Apocalypse...

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