SM3T >> Kutai Barat, I'm coming

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I post something
Aaaannnddd I post a kinda goodbye post

Well, you see...
I join a program called SM3T which sends teachers to schools in remote areas...
So, I know you can guess what happen (^_^)

I am so happy I can join this program
I want to be a lecturer one day and becoming a teacher in a remote area hopefully will
prepare me to be a professional teacher one day
The hopefully I can be a professional lecturer one day
Ha ha that's my dream...

Anyway, I just finished a pra-condition of SM3T for 2 weeks
and I found out that I was sent to West Kutai, East Kalimantan.
I will be there for a year, until August 2016 then come back to Java and enter university again for another a year.

I don't know whether I can post something there, I really miss writing a blog
I haven't seen many movies or events since I was so busy...
I don't know if there is even electricity there...
or signal

However, this is what I want and I will do my best
Please wish me luck...
I'll see you next year
or if I can get an internet connection
I'll see you in my next post (^_^)

Bye bye...

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