Movie Review : X-Men : First Class (2011)

Director : Matthew Vough
Starring : James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Bacon, January Jones, etc

This movie is a reboot of the X-Men trilogy and it starts almost the same way as the X-Men. It starts with a child Magneto shows off his power in the Nazi camp. Sebastian Shaw witnesses it and brings Magneto to his office. He "creates" Magneto by killing his mother. Years later, Erik Lehnsherr were travelling around the world and hunting Shaw. Meanwhile, Charles Xavier is celebrating his Ph.D degree with his adopted sister in a bar when Moria McTaggert, a CIA agent, comes to him to ask his help after witnessing mutants existence. They go to capture Shaw and there they meet Erik. Together, Charles and Erik bring some mutants and train them to defeat Shaw.

First Class is kinda different from any other superhero movies. This movie, just like say Batman Begins, takes time in developing the characters, We see how each character slow but sure embrace their power and how they become the way they are in the older X-Men movies. We also see how young Charles Xavier actually "normal". However, we don't really see any action until the final battle. We don't really see any action even though this movie has training section. The training section is very cool, especially Banshee. Really, he is like the only one who enjoy his power.

We also see young Mystique or Raven played by Jennifer Lawrence. I don't really have a problem with it because this is young Mystique. We don't really know what happened with her when she was young so Jen's Raven is good in my opinion

Almost everyone is great in this movie, even the Beast, which looks like a teddy bear for me, but hey, he's teenager here so okay. However, the heart and soul of this movie is the friendship of Charles and Erik. Here we learn how they meet and how they are apart. The chemistry between McAvoy and Fassbender help a lot. Their chemistry is even more believable than the "romances" between Raven and Hank or Charles and Moira or even some tease between Erik and Raven. The best scenes are the ones with them, especially the Rage and Serenity scene. here we see how understanding Charles is. How he sees good in everyone, even someone like Erik who, let's face it, acts like a killing machine. Erik's brightest memory about his mother brings them to tear and it gives us chill how amazing these men are and how tragic their "divorce" is.

The villain in this movie is Sebastian Shaw played by Kevin Bacon. Bacon is good in this movie. He is not menacing in physical and the display of his mutant power like just two or three times, but Bacon manages to convince us that this guy is dangerous. The way he talk, the facial expressions, everything scream "I am dangerous" even without mutant power. My favourite scene with him is when he threatens young Erik to show his power and kills his mother to trigger Erik's power. He's so awesome in that scene.

There are only two bad things in this movie actually. First is January Jones as Emma Frost. Physically Jones has everything about the white queen. Look at the picture below, she looks and feels like Emma Frost.

However, her performance is not. She actually looks weak. Sorry, but for me she is. With nothing to do besides looking sexy. She only has one telepathic battle with Xavier but we don't really see her as a threat. Just a common telepath blocking another telepath. Shame really. She is so wooden in this movie, even the seducing scenes. I think her best scene is when she is sitting in CIA interrogation room above.

The next one is Magneto's costume. Bloody hell, what is that? He looks ridiculous. Really. He looks awful. I know it is his first costume but why don't just make it black before going to magenta in the next movie? Seriously, who design this? I think even common people can design villain costume better than this one. However, it is only few minutes at the end of the movie so it's kinda okay LOL

I give this movie A+

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