Movie Review : X-Men Days Future Past (2014)

Director : Bryan Singer
Starring : James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Peter Dinklage, Hugh Jackman

Days of Future Past is a sequel to the brilliant reboot, First Class.This movie consists of both old cast, which feature as the future self, and the new cast.

The movie opens with the amazingly brutal future where mutants are hunted and killed by the advance sentinels. The old X-Men which consists of Professor X, Storm, Wolverine and surprisingly Magneto are running from them to China, where they meet with their former students, Icemen, Kitty and a bunch of other mutants. The younger mutants are told about the history of sentinels, which starts because Mystique kills Trask back in 1970s.

They find out that Kitty has secondary mutation. She can send someone's consciousness back to their younger body. Magneto and Professor X have an idea to send someone back to stop Mystique from killing Trask. Logan offers himself since he has healing mutation.

So Logan goes back to 70s and immediately goes to Xavier's school which to his surprise are in a bad condition. It is revealed that Xavier becomes junkie because he has lost everything, Erik, Raven and school. After finally persuading Xavier to help him, they goes to their first plan, rescuing Magneto.

Professor X and Magneto, as usual, have their confrontation, this time on a plane. Magneto is angry at Xavier who sacrifices his power so he can walk, although in Xavier's opinion, he sacrifices his power so he can sleep.

The team go to stop Raven just in time, but it ended badly because once again, Magneto screws everything up and makes the government got Raven's blood. Raven is still believing in her cause : killing Trask. Xavier, Logan and Hank go to White House to stop Raven and once again Magneto screws everything up. Seriously!

This movie has a lot of brilliant things. First the acting is amazing, especially James McAvoy. If we see how great Fassbender in First Class, here we see how great McAvoy is. He looks so broken and lost. The plane sequence with Fassbender is great. You could see how emotional he is. How different he is. Hugh Jackman as usual is good as Logan. Hell, this guy has been Logan for years.

This movie is dealing with something important : Hope. This movie is not superhero with action but more like superhero with drama. The movie touches more about the characters, the inner ambitions and struggles. There aren't a lot of action sequences here, only a brief in the opening, from Mystique and Magneto vs Beast.

But the movie is still great.

Dinklage is great as Trask. Trask is a frightening scientist. However, we understand his view if we are in his position. He does what he is doing for a better wold, for human.

The directing, editing and sequences are also great. The sequences are wonderfully blended, which is very important because this movie deals with time travelling which will mess everything up if it wasn't done right. There are three scenes which I really like in this movie

First, of course everyone's favourite Quicksilver's slow motion scene. That is brilliant and Quicksilver is so funny here, very refreshing for a movie with depressing tone.

Second, the Professor X and Magneto's plane scene. The scene is just so emotional for me. We can see how broken Xavier is when he shouts "You abandoned me." Nice acting chop there.

Third, The Xavier vs Xavier scene. It is so amazing to see the past and future Professor X on screen, face to face. The difference of the two yet one characters is so powerful.

Two things I dislike are:
first is the Beast. I am understand the teddy bear like Beast in First Class because he is teenager there but in this movie, 10 years has passed and his Beast appearance is not as good as I expected.

Second is Mystique's blue make up. I hate the blue make up in this movie. I really like the dark blue make up in First Class. It is similar with the old Mystique. Here, the blue is just too bright, really. It is distracting and also looks fake for me.

Overall this movie is well-acted, well-edited, well-directed and well-written.

I give this movie A+

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