X-Men : Apocalypse Trailer 2 - Amazing Yet...

I was bored last night and decided to check out YouTube before I went to bed. The unexpected thing happened which was the new trailer for X-Men Apocalypse. Wow it looks good.

This is the longest trailer and we can see a lot of bad things happen here. Surprisingly, it opens with Magneto speaks to Professor X and we get the awesome line from X-Men 1, especially Professor X's

"I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to my school looking for trouble."

I guess I will borrow half of the sentence for my self in the near future LOL

We also see the ancient Egypt timeline which describe the rise of Apocalypse from human to blue mutant and how he recruits his horsemen, starting with Storm, I believe. Then Psylock, then Magneto (we see Storm and Psylock behind Apoc when he recruits Magneto from his workplace), then the last will be Angel.

Then we see Xavier Institute, which is being destroyed. Honestly, I have this awful feeling every time I see a SCHOOL is being destroyed. Xavier Institute's destruction reminds me of Hogwarts' destruction in the Deathly Hallows. I feel the shock, which I believe, runs inside Cyclop's heart when he sees that there is nothing left from his school.

We also see Apocalypse throws Professor X to the wall, which I actually scream in horror when I saw it. Seriously. We see Havoc attacks Cerebro with his beam. I think Havoc will die in this movie and probably Mystique too, but I am not sure about the later. X-Men without Mystique is just no.

Then this shot, where Professor X is hurting very bad :

I read and re-read his lips movement and I think he says "Jean."
Maybe I am wrong, I don't know. That's what I think anyway. Maybe it has correlation with this scene?

Maybe Jean is leaving or something?

Anyway, as amazing as the trailer is, I understand why it actually disappoints many people. It doesn't really show anything new. It contains what we already know. But I am still excited to see the movie. Maybe the secrecy of everything will pay off. Hopefully.

So, yeah basically the first trailer, Super Bowl trailer and Second trailer can be concluded in Apocalypse's speech "Eveything they've built will fall." Yep, totally the end of the world.

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