What The Hell? : Ika Pertiwi's Misfortune Experience

This real story began with the announcement from Ika's teacher in our PPL school. On September 24th 2013 or today for exact, Ika will have an exam for our PPL or teaching experienced in real field of education (real school). So as expected, just like everybody else, Ika was having a panic attack about it. She tried so hard to prepare everything, from lesson plan to her mental condition.

Ika Pertiwi
Yesterday, she made a lesson plan with all her might. She had a difficulty in choosing a method and model of the study for her lesson plan. Even though, she met many difficulties, she was able to finish the lesson plan. Thanks God, right??

The next morning, she woke up late. It was her own fault actually because she turned off her alarm clock when it rang at 5 am in the morning. She went to sleep again!!! Can you believe that?? So as expected, she rushed into the bathroom as soon as she realized that it was already 6 am. However, it seemed that luck was not in her side. Every time she went to the bathroom, there was someone else inside. So, she just got her chance to take a bath at 6.15 am.

Now, breakfast time! When we were having breakfast, Ika suddenly felt something bad with her body, especially her stomach. My friend and I were trying to tell her that it was only because she was nervous.

Okay, next move to the next level. As usual, Ika waited for her boyfriend, Zabidi, to pick her up at our boarding house. Since she was already waiting for him, Ruqy, Eka and I went ahead first to school. She waited for a long time until finally Zabidi came to the house. Unfortunately, it was already late. You see, my school starts at 6.45 everyday and all teachers and students are supposed  to arrive on time. Zabidi arrived about 6.50!!

The next misfortune was Zabidi and Ika were caught in traffic in front of the school!! Oh My God, at they witnessed the gate was slowly being closed by the security... LOL

Once they were able to cross the street, they went as fast as they could. They managed to enter the school but the Teacher Praying Session had already ended.

Okay, next misfortune....
Once Ika arrived on our PPL room, my friend Zain and her looked for a place where you could print your work. They discovered that the shop in front of the school was closed. Zain and her then went to an internet cafe a little far from the school. Unfortunately, they met a group of policemen and since both of them didn't wear helmets, they were arrested by the police. Zain walked as fast as he could to get another motorbike and left Ika behind.

After Zain picked Ika up, they asked for Ruqy's permission to print their lesson plan using her printer. They went to Ika's boarding house and printed the work there. However, the printer couldn't work like she wanted. She had to print her work twice to finally got the result she wanted....

And now...... she is having a conversation with our foreign friend Mio Nagare from Japan. She is waiting her exam later at 12.15 pm. She hopes she can get a good score.... Let's wish her luck!!

Here is Ika and I and also our foreign friend Mio Nagare....

Ika, Myself, and Mio

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