Mio Nagare : An Unforgettable Japanese Friend Part 1

Meeting and Bonding

Hello everyone, in this post, I would like to tell you about my foreign friend and our activities (meeting, class, hang out (Bahasa Indonesia lesson, Cheesy Language Lesson, Customs Exchange) vacation and farewell.

It all began with a foreigner that came to my PPL school, MA Al-Irsyad Gajah at the beginning of September, Mio Nagare of Japan. Of all PPL members, I was the one who talked to her first. It was because when she came into my class, X-4, I was ordered to bring her back to the Teacher Room. In addition, she only could speak English and Japanese. She couldn't speak Bahasa Indonesia at all.
Mio and I
Since that day, she became familiar with me. When she was peeking into ESP (English Speaking Program) class and the students, who are very enthusiastic about her, greeted her and asked so many questions. She looked relieved when she saw me there and asked me to translate the questions. I introduced her to my fellow Ruqy and we talked about everything in Tabassam, in front of the canteen. You know, we were actually supposed to help Miss Naila with her ESP Class... Ssssttttt... don't tell anyone LOL. That time was also the first time Mio met my other friend, Zabidi.

We shared my things, from experiences, views, opinions and such. She also confessed that she was afraid the first time she went to school because since it was a Madrasah Aliyah, all the female students and teachers were covered from heads to toes. However, after few days there, she finally became familiar with the custom. She also began wearing skirt and a veil. Although sometimes, she would wear jeans if her skirts were washed. She asked so many questions that we gladly answered.

At night, Gajah village held a show which consisted of performers from the schools around the village and a traditional Javanese drama, Ketoprak. My friends and I were staying at Mrs. Sri's house for few minutes and we met Mio again there. We went to the show together and there Mio became the spot light. The reason? Well, it went without saying....

When we were waiting for the show, we talked about many things with the villagers as the audiences. She had a lot o questions and sometime Ruqy and I were confused on how we should answer them. The questions were very unexpected ones, mainly about customs, rules, Islam, etc. 
Mio on stage
She was asked to go to the stage and she was touched by the villagers who were amazed at her. Poor her... she was confused and I was really sorry for her. Good thing she immediately understood once we explained it to her. That night, we exchanged facebook name and I promised her to add her as my friend.

After Traditional Festival/ Show
The next morning, I visited her in Teacher Room and confessed that I couldn't find her on facebook. So, we browsed the internet to find each other name. Sadly, we couldn't find it. So, we just talked about many things then. I looked around the room and it was empty. I asked what class she had to teach and she answered that she was free every Wednesday. Mio told me that she was really grateful to meet me because besides the English and Japanese Teachers, she didn't have anyone to talk to. Since there were only 2 English Teachers and 1 Japanese teacher, she was lonely every time she had to stay alone in Teacher Room. No one talked to her since almost all teachers at school could not speak English or Japanese. So, I told her to hang out in PPL room if she didn't have anything to do because I went to school everyday and she could find me or Ruqy there.

After hours of talking since I would teach at the end of the day, around 12.10-02.15 pm, Mr. Dodi came and asked me to bring Mio to my class, which was X-Unggulan that day. Well, I agreed. The students were very happy even though they could talk to her after finishing their exam and assignment first. At the end, they sang the opening song for Doraemon with Mio, something almost all classes did (-___-)

Mio and X-Unggulan
At the end of the day, I was asked to do a presentation about Japan and I was like "WTH??? What about Mio??"

My teacher said that he wanted to keep Mio for the sparring between my school and other school. I could only say yes. I have to present it on Thursday (which was the next day) and good thing I was free on tomorrow. So the next day, I talked to Mio about what would she present on the sparring because it wasn't funny if we presented a same material. We talked and finally I got something in my mind. Few hours before the H-Hour, Ruqy who was asked to bring Mio to her class, came into the PPL room and we three did our best to plan the presentation. A presentation which didn't happen because the headmaster wanted Mio herself to present her presentation (-___-")

Since that day, she hung out in PPL room with me and Ruqy everyday..... And that was how we bonded together......

Next Part : Customs Exchange, Bahasa Indonesia and Cheesy Language Lesson

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