Movie Review : The Hobbit - The Battle of Five Armies

Director : Peter Jackson
Based on : JRR Tolkien Book - The Hobbit
Starring : Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, Orlando Boom, Luke Evans

Okay, so The Hobbit The Battle of Five Armies started where the Desolation of Smaug started, the attack of The Lake Town. The Lake Town was attacked brutally by the dragon, leaving none for its people. Smaug managed to be killed by Bard the Bowman or Dragon Slayer at the end of the Lake Town fight and as said by Thorin, the people of Lake Town would get their share of gold to rebuild their city.
In the morning, Bard and his people were helped by King Thranduil who came to retrieve the Woodland Elves precious jewel which was inside the mountain with tons of golds. The Orcs came to take over the mountain, not only because of the gold but also its great position. The dwarves came to aid their King Thorin. The men, helped by the Elves, join Thranduil's army. And the battle to fight began.
Peter Jackson gives us a great battle. The strategy, the visual, the cruelness, the brutality. Everything is captured well, very well. Even though it is not as great as Return of The King, it is still a great battle sequence. The CGI in some places, especially in the Lake Town attack is a bit bad, but well, it's saved by its fast pace. The acting is great. Martin Freeman gives his all as Bilbo as well as Ian McKellen. Lee Pace is so good as Thranduil, much better than in Desolation of Smaug. Evans and Orlando are good. Armitage is great as a very sick Thorin with all his corrupted mind. 

King Thranduil
The Smaug batte should be in the second movie, I think. So at the beginning of the BOTFA, the opening is the aftermath of it. Aside of the great battle which costs a lot of lives, the movie lack bites in many scenes, mostly the love scene between Tauriel and Kili. The love story doesn't work. It is so awkward and painful to watch. They fall too fast, too unrealistic and too cheesy in some point. The acting makes it worse. I cannot buy their love story. I don't really see love between them actually, especially from the Kili actor to Eve Lily. It seems "love" is so easy to be said. Call me evil but at the end of the battle in Ravenhill, I actually want both of them to die. The father-son relationship between Thranduil and Legolas is too little. Whatever Peter and Orlando said about the improvement of their relationship, I cannot see that much.

I really want to see a father-son bonding at the end of the movie. It doesn't have to be very touching or something. Just a little fatherly side of a very cold Thranduil to his son. I'm sure Thranduil loves his son. He goes to Ravenhill to search for Legolas. However, the last scene between them is not really good, the sudden topic about Legolas's mother loved him so much doesn't work because it doesn't have any purposes to be said.  It would be better if Legolas was hurt and then when Thranduil found him he was like half unconsious, then Tauriel saw them slowly making their way down with Legolas in Thranduil's arm, then Legolas would ask "Father, did you find Mother's jewel?" Thranduil would say "Not yet, son but we will not back home without it."
It will give more emotional impact and explanation on why Thranduil obsesses with that beautiful jewel. Instead of the screenwriter said that, why didn't they just put it into the movie? It is Woodland Jewel AND The Queen's Jewel. It would also show that Thranduil is not as bastard and cold as the movie shows us. He has love inside him. That's why he doesn't want to sacrifice Elves. He loves his people and son. In the book. He offers Bilbo and Gandalf to stay for a while in his kingdom and even gives Bilbo "Elf-Friend" tittle. It is missing. 

As empty as the movie feels due to the lack of plot, it is about war from the start till the end. This is a beautiful but empty movie. It gives us a very entertaining two hours war movie but if this kind of movie is not your cup of tea, then you'll be disappointed. However, once again we are served by a great Middle Earth battle which brings back a bittersweet memory of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy, for better or worse.

I give this movie : B+

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