Movie Review : The Hunger Games (2012)

Directed by : Gary Ross
Starring : Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth

So another franchise arrived this March and will stay until 2015. Similar with two big franchises that dominate box office for few years, this franchise is taken from a YA first book of a trilogy by Suzanne Collins called The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games Trilogi is being called the New Twilight because the triangle love between main characters and the main character is a girl. These people are wrong, like a dead wrong. The Hunger Games books aren't new Twilight series. It's million times better. Does it come to the level of Harry Potter? No, it's not. But it does have common things like rebellion, war and surviving the cruel world. No wonder most of The Hunger Games fans, the Tributes, are Harry Potter fans.  

The Hunger Games told a story old Katniss Everdeen who volunteered to be a Tribute to replace her sister. A tribute is someone have to participate The Hunger Game where teenagers were trained and then ordered to kill each other until only one survived. Each District has to have two Tributes, a girl and a boy. Katniss was accompanied by his fellow District 12, Peeta Mellark. Both Capitol, the main and rich city, and Districts, the poorest ones, watched the game from a big television. They watched their teenagers died or survived.

If you are a movie lover, you must recognize similarity of this movie with a Japanese movie "Battle Royal". Actually, there are many movies similar with this like Gladiator, but since the characters here are teenager, it's much more similar to Battle Royal. A group of teenagers are sent into a place where they have to kill each other but the difference are Katniss and co are trained first and given help from the sponsors, while in Battle Royal, they aren't trained and given help at all. More sadist, right? But despite the familiar elements, this movie is still worth watching. It's still entertaining.

Let's talk about acting :

Lawrence as Katniss
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress and she plays Katniss very well. She manages to bring the character into life. If it's played badly, we will not care at all about Katniss because through the games, she only kill once. However, Lawrence managed to make us to support Katniss, systematize her through the games and we want her to win. Her eyes speaks that she is Katniss, just like Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. We cannot think of anyone else to play the character because the actor/actress is very good in becoming the character. I don't know whether Lawrence really can use bow or arrow but I like it every time she use her beloved weapon. Lawrence is certainly the stand out in the movie. She has the best acting among the young actors.She is Oscar nominee actress after all. She's really good.

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark.The first time I saw this man was when I watch "Journey to The Center of The Earth" if I'm not mistaken. Hutcherson is good enough as Peeta. He's a decent young actor so far in his previous movie but he improves here. I think he still needs more time to adjust himself with great acting around him. He's not overshadowed, thankfully. 

Hutcherson as Peeta
Hemsworth as Gale

Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthrone. He's good enough actor although we cannot say much about him. He has limited time on the screen. He appeared at the very beginning and the few times in the middle of the Hunger Games is shown on District 12 television. Sadly, just like Hutcherson, he cannot match the great acting of Jennifer Lawrence. But he's good as Gale.

I think this franchise will make a good trilogy. There's no reason for Lionsgate to brake the last Book into two. But then, who doesn't want money. Summits gathered so much by the Twilight series and now it's "child" is doing the same. 

I definitely will watch the sequel, The Catching Fire, when it comes out. I like this movie. No useless annoying girl, no boring couple, no cheesy dialogues, no bad actors, the whole triangle love comes later. It doesn't sell sex with all close up of gorgeous actors' and actress' faces or bodies, too many kissing scenes, etc.

This series definitely will be a good series with high financial success. This is a good start.

I give this movie : B+

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