Great Arguments on Sesshomaru/Kagura couple Part 1

Best couple in Inuyasha manga for me
Hello everyone... With the title of this post and some fanfictions I have posted, I assume you know that I'm an anime lover. Yeah...!!! I LOVE anime very very much. My favorite ones are Prince of Tennis, Inuyasha, Shaman King, Kaichowa Maid-Sama, Death Note and Detective School Q. Since animes are taken from manga, I love the mangas as well, although many of them aren't made into anime like all Mizuto Aqua's manga or Yagami Chitose's manga.

Well, in this post, I will post a great argument about whether Sesshomaru/Kagura is a canon pairing in the Inuyasha manga or not. The manga is finished with Kagome returns to Inuyasha's world and Rin lives with Kagome and Kaede. 

I really like Kagura. She's not a bad person even though she is Naraku's minion or "child". I really love her death scene even though it is soooo sad (I cried). Sesshomaru even shows an emotion if you look really carefully. They are very great together with all scenes and pictures in the manga. This is the first part about relationship between Sesshomaru and Rin. The second part is about Sesshomaru and Kagura. I'll post the second part in the future soon. 

This is a picture that appears in Inuyasha Opening Theme 3. 

Kagura and Sesshomaru
First we take a look on Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship in the manga
Warning : IT IS NOT MY ARGUMENT!! BUT I AGREE WITH IT 100% (I'm sorry for not writing my own argument. It's because of the lack of my brain and my horrible English that I'm afraid no one understand what I mean)
It is taken from :
First Argument :

From the DA essay (this essay is written by Rumiko Takahasi herself) : "Rin is an innocent girl. There’s a reason Takahashi didn’t have a strikingly beautiful woman find Sesshomaru injured in that glade; as a child, Rin wouldn’t have had any selfish desires for a romantic relationship (like Sara did in episodes 133-134) and seek only to win his heart in helping him, nor would she have been tainted with the prejudice to see Sesshomaru as a demon. To her he was only another creature in need. A child’s love is unconditional, one might say, pure. Where romantic relationships involve compromise and demands from both parties, a child asks for nothing. It’s often argued that Chapter 470 “Compassionate Heart” of the manga proves Sesshomaru loves Rin with his tenacity in literally going to Hell for her sake, showing emotional distraught when she doesn’t revive, and brushing a comforting hand over her head when she is restored. Undisputedly these are all signs of affection and love; but what kind? Concerned parents will exhibit the exact same kind of devotion to their children. What good father wouldn’t risk life and limb for his daughter? What parent doesn’t croon, “Everything is all right now” to assure his child? InuYasha is riddled with romantic couples and a triangle or three, Takahashi is illustrating that there are other circumstances for love to flourish (e.g. the bond between Kohaku and Sango), one of the most refreshing being the simplicity of children.

...When she is seen again several chapters after being mauled by wolves, Rin is not only donning a new, brightly colored yukata (as one meant for girls of the gentry) but she is also talking. A child formerly stricken with terror-silence (muteness induced by trauma) is chatting away happily. The very stance Sesshomaru assumes just after he revives her is like a parent’s. He cradles Rin with his entire body – arm wrapped around, head looming over – it’s an unquestionably protective posture. It’s strongly suggested throughout the series the only genuine love and affection Sesshomaru knew as he matured was paternal love. Inu no Taisho is the lone character whom the obdurate, haughty dog-demon addresses in reverenced tones (i.e. as Chichi-ue, literally “my father above”). Furthermore, the Dog General died protecting his second son much in the same manner Sesshomaru dives headlong into battle for Rin. Speaking of surpassing his father, was it not the “full service” of a parent – from adolescence and beyond – what Sesshomaru lacked? What better way than to fulfill it in guiding and guarding a most unexpected charge...

...Of course there is that open-endedness to the final chapter of the InuYasha storyline. The last readers see of Sesshomaru and Rin is three years later when Rin is boarding with Kaede. Why with Kaede? Why not with Sesshomaru still? Whether or not Kaede persuaded Sesshomaru to let Rin stay remains obscure beyond that Inuyasha states, “Kaede said it,” in regards to the girl’s matter of residence. What is made clear is that during his emotional breakdown in Hell, Sesshomaru laments not having left Rin a human village so she could have been spared the ordeal of dying again. When the final battle with Naraku was underway, Rin complacently stayed in Kaede’s village for some time....

...If Rin is obedient to Sesshomaru’s every whim it’s because she’s a child following the rules her guardian has set out for her – and even then there are instances where she whines and complains with the infamous, churlish, “Why can’t I come, too?” (Chapters 159 and 519). When she greets him with a gift, it’s akin – no, it is how children give little trinkets of affection to parents. “Look what I’ve made!” And Sesshomaru has yet to scorn...

...In Episode 99 of InuYasha, Koga remarks, “I can see bringin’ a pretty girl like Kagome along, but why would [Sesshomaru] have a little kid?” Indeed, why? Why a small child who would serve no carnal purpose? One who would only be a hindrance, a would-be hostage, a liability along the way? What is the purpose of Rin? Answer: Unconditional love. As demonstrated in both the canon manga and adapted anime of the series, Rin slipped through a c***k in the armor surrounding Sesshomaru’s guarded heart because she saw him with the innocent eyes of a child – desiring neither lust nor harboring any prejudice of the given society. In order for those childish views to be construed into anything else such a meeting and all the pain, struggles, laughter, memories, bonds forged afterward would have to be undone. The very pang that made a once-selfish demon lord mourn a withering child in Hell enough to reject his own sword would need its very existence erased. Does the sun not rise after spring is over? Why can’t a girl still look to her vigilant guardian with the same hero-worship after ten years? After a hundred? Or from the paternal perspective, to watch a flower bloom may be one of the most glorious hours of all. Simply because their species are not archetypical does not mandate that their bond is not – Sesshomaru and Rin, dog-demon and human child, father and daughter....

From the fic "Truth": ""Rin and Sesshomaru, while they are shown to love each other, have zero romantic connotations whatsoever. In fact, Rin herself is HAPPY about Kagura possibly having feelings for Sesshomaru, the same way Kagome was HAPPY about Sango having feelings for Miroku-things Rumiko Takahashi, the Queen of love triangles and jealousy, would NEVER put in there if she had meant for someone to be a character's love interest-specifically saying that this is not a romantic thing, but platonic."

...Seriously, who has to remind their spouse to feed themselves, unless the person has some sort of special condition? That's not something a boyfriend normally does. That's something a parent trying to teach their kid to do certain things does. Does that, or does that not, remind you of when you become old enough to know how to use the microwave or whatnot and your mom/dad tells you to do it by yourself from now on, but still looks after you while you do it?

And how can you say that he isn't parenting her? How can you say that she isn't dependent on him? Everyone saw how Rin was BEFORE Sesshomaru stepped in. She was dirty, raggedy, had forgotten how to speak, had no social skills, and was barely just surviving. The way she was, no wonder she ended up getting killed. The girl had to be REMINDED to feed herself.

The girl had RECENTLY been orphaned, so you know she actually hadn't even been alone for long- and she was STILL doing that terribly. She couldn't even survive for a little while on her own.

And seriously, what Takahashi couple do you know where the girl OBEYS the guy? Never. Rumiko's pretty respectful of her own gender-she had to turn Jakotsu into a guy because though originally he was meant to be female, she couldn't stand the thought of Inuyasha-the hero of the series-killing a woman.

It doesn't matter if this was the Feudal Era-as you can clearly see, NONE of the women in the series are obedient to their men like Rin is to Sesshomaru-unless the man is some sort of FATHER FIGURE. If the man in question is a love interest, the girl is NEVER obedient to him.

Only after Sesshomaru steps in does she clean up. Only after Sesshomaru tells her to feed herself does she start to do so-and never even actually by herself, he always leaves Jaken there to babysit her.

At first she was so emotionally dependent on Sesshomaru that during his absence, she'd do nothing but wait for him curled up in a ball-and she took his instructions so literally it's ridiculous. Slowly, after social interaction with Sesshomaru and Jaken (who was assigned to the role by Sesshomaru I must add) she starts talking more and more, and reaching out to other people-until the end when she can live away from him without being emotionally crushed.

The ending makes it parent/child specific because that is Rin gaining independance from Sesshomaru and leaving the nest-the reason why parental relationships exist in the first place. To love and care for your child who does not have the skills/state of mind to survive on their own-discipline them, teach them, provide for them-and slowly, as they learn from you, they become more and more independant. As they become more independent, you slowly decrease your providing for them and catering to their whims...until your goal is reached. They are now ready to survive on their own. That doesn't mean your love disappears-but the child does not need you for constant guidance anymore. They leave the nest now, or start getting ready to.

That is EXACTLY what happened with Sesshomaru and Rin. At first, she was entirely dependent on him-everyone saw what she was like before he stepped in-slowly, she began to do certain things for herself (with Sesshomaru's help) until the end, where she has left the nest...

..."And if he raises her with the intent of making her his wife/mate, whether paternal or not, he is brainwashing her. Let's forget the fact that she basically just married her adoptive father-even if that wasn't the case, she does not get a choice to think otherwise when someone with that much influence and authority in her life makes her decision for her before she even understood what it really was. So no, even if she is "older", it still isn't healthy-there's still a whole bunch of problems.

If you put him with "older" Rin, that is child grooming-the practice of an adult befriending/approaching a child to lower their inhibitions and prepare them for later sexual contact, which is also a criminal offence and is seen as the same as/no better than ***** in the eyes of the law. While every place has a different legal definition of what counts as a "child", most places-yes, including Japan-condemn child grooming on the same level of statutory rape. It's like drugging a person to get their "consent".

There is a way around that- if you make it so that Sesshomaru develops feelings "accidentally" after she gets older. However, Rin NEVER grows up during the span of the series and nowhere does it say that Sesshomaru starts liking her a few years later, so that's a completely different fan-made character. That's not Takahashi's Rin. If you make it so the ties are severed, you have strayed from the character so far that it is no longer Rin. It's just an OC with the same name....

"Rin gets turned into "Older Rin", a character that does not exist in the series and has absolutely nothing in common with the actual Rin-and exists for no other reason that to be the fangirl's wish-fulfillment, self-insert, extremely idealized version of the author's view of their perfect self/Sesshomaru's Twu Wuv.

That is particularly disturbing since it is actually very possible to brainwash a girl Rin's age to grow up to be whatever you think they should be and to serve your own selfish desires (that is actually the reason why children are used as soldiers/servants in some countries-they are much easier to brainwash than adults who already have set ideals). It's like we are nothing more than baby-making factories-usually for Sesshomaru-with no importance, lives, personalities or anything of our own.

Particularly bad, since in Rin's case, she canonically serves no other purpose than to humanize Sesshomaru by giving him the responsibility and life changing experience of being a parent. Now how  is it when you warp that, and take it even further to the point where even from the time she was seven, she has absolutely no meaning in her life than to cater to Sesshomaru's every whims-even SEXUAL?"

Indeed, he is an adult raising a child (like a good parent) who is dependent on him (like a child is to their parent) who is slowly gaining independence from him (like children gain independence from their parents as they grow) who he loves (like any good parent does) and she is obedient to him (like a child is to a parent) and he is an AUTHORITY figure who makes the rules for her (like a parent does to a child) and after she leaves his care, they still keep in touch (like parents and children do after the kid moves out), and Rin herself is HAPPY about Kagura possibly having feelings for Sesshomaru and tells Jaken to trust her more because of it (which she would never do if she was meant to be a love interest).

Argument 2
DA essay: "Indeed, it wasn’t uncommon for older men to take on young girls then marry them when they became women. Additionally, Sesshomaru wouldn’t have physically aged a day by the time Rin looks his. Yet people neglect that there are many other ways to age, a tightness around the lip, dullness in the eye; Sesshomaru’s been around for centuries and knows more of people than any other character could in his/her life time. Furthermore, has anyone taken into account how much time these men with their wards-in-waiting actually spent with their future brides prior to later adolescence? The audience may be assured that between the girl’s finishing schools and her groom-to-be’s businesses, it wasn’t much. Rin is in Sesshomaru’s care nearly every day for hours at a time. These periods are only interrupted by a repetitious battle with Inuyasha or Naraku or (in the movies) another generic villain."

"Truth": "..."It's been brought to my attention that because Takahashi is Japanese she "would have no problem writing a lolicon character" because she is "Japanese and sees things in a Japanese way." However, famed animator, Hayao Miyazaki, doesn't seem to follow such a trend. He said in a 1988 interview with "Animage" that while he prefers to have female protagonists, "It's difficult. They immediately become the subjects of lolicon. In a sense, if we want to depict someone who is affirmative to us, we have no choice but to make them as lovely as possible. But now, there are too many people who shamelessly depict (such heroines) as if they just want (such girls) as pets, and things are escalating more and more." Miyazaki even expressed concern as to what this might mean for human rights for women.

Are eyebrows raised since he goes against the grain of Japanese culture? I personally don't think Hayao Miyazaki is an anomaly, so I believe Takahashi could have intended Rin to see her protector in a solely filial light.

Let me just say this: Takahashi IS Japanese, she went out of her way to make Rin a small child, she out of her way to make Sess realize that to make oneself stronger is not worth the sacrifice of Rin's life when he couldn't revive her in the arc Hell episode. He wasn't thinking of Rin as a mate but as his child that he was responsible for. Any parent would have felt guilty for putting their own child in harm's way. Takahashi continued to go out of her way to make Kohaku constantly protecting Rin's life when they were inside hell and inside Naraku, thus making him a worthy mate for her. When they were inside Naraku and Sess couldn't scent her, he was acting like any parent worried in search for their kid. Takahashi was not indicating anything other than making Rin be the child that can make Sess understand through unconditional love that all humans are not bad. By him bringing her a kimono, it was a clear understanding that he still is responsible for her and continued in providing care, just like any parent does when their kids are growing. This is Takahashi's answer to all of those people who want something that is not there. He is her care taker, her protector, her father figure NOT some emotionally, unstable guy that will warp the affections of a small child because he is incapable of finding someone for himself. It is so insulting to say the least and extremely offensive to what Takahashi intended.

A typical defense you'll find for Sess/Rin romance is that the setting is Sengoku Jidai when older men married younger girls. However, it's not simply an issue of "in historical times". More importantly, reading up on historical attitudes shows that such unions are - as they are in the modern day - highly controversial. There are rules attached, and usually specific (non-romantic) reasons for these unions to have occurred in the first place (political alliance, wealth, titles, etc). In such cases, rules govern the behaviour of the oldern man towards his new, young bride - in many cultures, the marriage may have taken place when the girl was 12 or 14 or whatever age, but consumation of the marriage was delayed for a few years until the girl was classified (by the definitions of the day) as a "woman". In examples where consumation happened quickly, despite the bride's young age, controversy would inevitably follow.

The idea that "it happened in historical times" doesn't sit well with me because it implies that it was universally accepted without restriction in historical times and it's universally unaccepted without restriction in modern times. This implication just isn't true. It happened then and it still happens now - but it's never been fully accepted nor fully denied."

"Just because Rumiko is Japanese, where lolicon is more common than the USA, does not automatically mean that she sees it the same way. In fact, though it is a popular thing, there's just as many people who oppose it as well-kind of like how gay couples, same-sex marriage, premarital sex, abortion, divorce, and interracial marriage (which are all more common in the US)are seen over here. It is definitely not a normal thing that is accepted by everyone, there is much controversy over it, and this person obviously jumped to conclusions after talking to only one party-the side that supports it. So, the real question would be, does Rumiko Takahashi support such relationships?"

Miroku frowned. "I think that has already been proven in the way she wrote me and Koharu." he said. "When everyone found out I had proposed to an eleven year old girl to bear my child when she got older, they were shocked, disgusted and revolted. The situation was used to solidify my character as a pervert and a lecher. They didn't care if she was now fourteen and I was seventeen-they were still disgusted and thought I was taking advantage of her naivete."

"Don't remind me!" said Sango, covering her ears.

"He's right, though." said Kagome. "I mean, I'm from the modern era and I was shocked, even though I knew girls married younger back then-but Rumiko made it so that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER was revolted by what Miroku did. And keep in mind, the age gap between Miroku and Koharu isn't as large as the one between Sesshomaru and Rin-on top of that, Miroku does not have a paternal relationship with Koharu."

Akane from Ranma 1/2 dropped in. "Hi, remember me? I'm not from this manga, but I'm from a Rumiko Takahashi manga. Does anyone remember how, earlier on, I had a crush on Dr. Tofu, who was around 4-5 years older than me?" She said. "Well, I was constantly made fun of and ridiculed for it. It turns out later than Dr. Tofu was head-over-heels for my older sister Kasumi, who was the same age as him. After being mocked over and over, I got over my initial crush very easily, and came to see Dr. Tofu and Kasumi as a cute couple. My point is that even before then, Rumiko had been mocking those kind of relationships. She'd always been portraying them as utterly ridiculous and something only a lecherous, perverted, and twisted adult would pursue."

Sango sighed. "Does that sound like something that would've have been written by someone who supports lolicon? NO! Rumiko didn't even support THAT one, so what makes anyone think she'd support a pairing such as Sesshomaru and Rin? Read the manga, people! Read her work! It's blatant that this author does NOT support such relationships!"

"Also, even if Inuyasha was a historically accurate series, the pairing would have been impossible because of the Japanese laws back then." said Miroku. "When a girl was chosen to be someone's bride, they were aristocrats/royalty. Not peasants. There was benefit that came from marrying them. Marriage back then was very often not a matter of feelings-especially for royalty, who have a duty to their people. A lord did not commonly go and pick up a random peasant girl and say "oh, that's my true love, let's train her and marry her". No. When picking future brides, they only looked at girls that came with the best backgrounds, who had notable parents, political power, money, and other things that would work in that lord and his people's favor. THAT is why these specific girls were arranged to marry at such a young age and sent to "train" and become the highest aristocrats.

At best, a peasant girl could train to be a temporary concubine. Even then it was frowned upon. Wives were required to be a certain status. And only the woman of the highest rank could be the main wife.

It was not possible to send a girl to "train" at a poor peasant village-under a miko that was a sworn virgin for life. If it was safety he was worried about, Sesshomaru could've easily sent Rin to human aristocrats who were legally allowed to and were able to train her-after all, Kaede was a total stranger to him for the whole series as well, so another stranger should not have been a big deal. And yet he sent her to Kaede...a a run-down, broke village with no knowledge of nobility whatsoever...she's helping her with Kaede's miko duties and doing midwife things...and Inuyasha's own words were that she was there because she needed to learn how to live with other humans. Why in the world would she need to learn how to live with other humans if she was ever meant to return to Sesshomaru's side? It's more likely he's planning on keeping her there for good, because like he said so himself in the Hell Arc, staying with him is too dangerous for Rin.

So it's very obvious that Rin is not being "trained as a wife" for Sesshomaru in any way-nothing close to it.

And to me, for whatever reason, that is brainwashing. Back then, they couldn't marry just for love-they had to think of their people and responsibilities when marrying...but still, even if there's bigger things at stake, whether it's meant to "take away the personality" or not, IT DOES. Which is why it is no longer practiced-because they came to realize that. And now with a different political system without kings and queens, it's no longer needed."


  1. "[...] this essay is written by Rumiko Takahasi herself[...]" No, it is not. Why should she write this? Because she can? Probably not.
    Then... Why do you say she did?

  2. Dear Miss/ Mr Anonymous :

    First >> If you actually read the WHOLE text, then you will find this:

    Warning : IT IS NOT MY ARGUMENT!!

    It means, that I didn't say that Rumiko Takahashi really wrote the essay

    Second >> For your information, Mangakas (Japanese Creators of manga) like to write essays, databooks, or many things like that when they create a manga.

    You'll find bunch of data books made by Masashi Kishimoto about Naruto.
    That's why we know about Kakashi's history, Naruto's history, Jutsus, Clans, even small thing like Kakashi's favourite food

    You can find a databook made by Takeshi Konomi about Prince of Tennis.
    That's why we know even small things like Fuji likes photography, Tezuka likes purple, and Echizen likes Science.

    You can find a databook made by Rumiko Takahashi about Inuyasha. That's why we know that Inuyasha's age, despite being 50 year old or something in demon "world", he is just as old as Kagome in human's "world" which means teenager.

    I never read the essay since one of the sources said it was written in Japanese and I'm so sorry that I cannot read Japanese well. You can visit the website I have provided above for further information.

    So please, read the whole text and understand it. Thank you for commenting.

  3. I truly agree with this (even though it's not your "argument" ) since im a huge fan of kagura and sesshomaru (as love intrests) i am so happy i found proof i read both 1 & 2 so im planning on showing it to my rinxsess loving friend and see his reaction( hope its a good one to maybe funny) to it since he ask for living breathing proof and i got it (after a day of searching. Yeah i love sesskagu that much ( kagura and sesshomaru : sesskagu)

  4. I love your articel, because Im sesskagu fan, and I hate sessrin because I only see rin as a cute innocent child, I dont want her to be grown up, and I cant even think that this child have a romantic feeling to any other male.


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