Deathly Hallows Part 1 VS Breaking Dawn Part 1

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Okay, let's start the battle of these movies. Breaking Dawn was broken into two part because of Harry Potter was broken into two part also. Don't deny it people! It's not a secret at all. I think it's fair to compare both these movies because both are part 1 of the last book. Next year, I will post for Deathly Hallows Part 2 VS Breaking Dawn Part 2. I don't post it now because we still need two subjects, which are worldwide result and prestigious award. Or maybe only Worldwide result because we all know that Twilight movies never nominated for prestigious award. Even if it did nominate in prestigious award, it's usually just blockbuster of the year, which only see successful hit with widespread popularity and huge sales. Hence the "blockbuster" word.

Okay, let's begin :


Let's talk about the most obvious one. Financial success, something that will be shoved down into our throat for the first time a movie makes its debut. This movie earns... that movie earns... box office today is ... it earns.... bla bla bla. It's very sad when people actually say that a movie is good because of the money it produces. Worst, Twilight fans claimed that the highest grossing movie of the year should win Oscar, not those "boring movies". Sorry Twilight fans, even though that really happens, your favourite movies will not win any Oscar because none Twilight movies is the highest grossing movie of the year.

Midnight Showing :
Deathly Hallows Part 1 : $ 24 million
Breaking Dawn Part 1 : $ 30 million

Deathly Hallows Part 1 :$ 125 million
Breaking Dawn Part 1 : $ 138 million

Worldwide Result : $ 957 million
Breaking Dawn Part 1 : $ 712 million

Critics' Appreciation / Rotten Tomatoes 

Many people still use IMBD to determine whether a movie is good or not. However IMBD is based on the viewers' opinion, not real critics. So I usually go to Rotten Tomatoes to really see whether a movie is bad, average or good. It's much more believable for me than IMBD.

Deathly Hallows Part 1 : 79%
Breaking Dawn Part 1 : 24%

Acting and Moments in the Movie 

Deathly Hallows Part 1

Best Moment : Malfoy Mannor Scene, Ministry of Magic Scene, Rescuing Harry Scene
Worst Moments : -
Good Moment : All
Bad Moment : -

Best Acting : Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter

Worst Acting :-
Good Acting : the rest of the cast
Bad acting :-

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1 have more story to tell than BD Pt 1. The discovery of each Horcrux, the fight between Harry and Ron and everything is interesting to follow as usual. Despite the slow camping scene is great. The slow camping scene is taken directly from the book and I know why. Jo writes the long camping of Golden Trio in a purpose. Harry, Ron and Hermione camp for a long time and frustrated because they don't find anything; they don't have any plan where to start because of the limited clue Dumbledore gave Harry. We, as the readers, are frustrated as well because they aren't making any progress. We know exactly how Harry and co feel.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 

Best Moment : Wedding scene
Worst Moments : Imprinting scene
Good Moment : -
Bad Moment : the rest of them

This two hours movie can be concluded into Bella gets married, has sex and pregnant. The beginning is good with the wedding and so on but when it comes to the honeymoon all we seen is two people kissing and kissing. They waste beautiful waterfall and sea around them. They go to waterfall, they kiss. We see Bella shaves, brushes her teeth, etc only to see her goes into the water and kiss. For a honeymoon of a human and a vampire couple, they are a really boring couple. Then we see Bella begs for sex. On the other half movie, we see her sitting around pregnant with everyone standing around brooding. The boring trio has boring repetitive conversations. This movie looks like it is made by Twihards with all close up on face, body, and lips when they kiss.

Best Acting : Billy Burke
Worst Acting :Taylor Lautner
Good Acting : Anna Kendrick
Bad acting : the rest of the cast

Prestigious Award

I leave out popularity awards because the winner is chosen by the fans. I don't mind if the winner goes like that but most nominees in MTV, PCA, KCA, and TCA are chosen based on the popularity alone without really looking into the quality. I don't mind a very popular movie with high financial success is nominated as long as the movie itself is also good. Let's skip unimportant awards...

Deathly Hallows Part 1

Academy Award :
- Best Art Direction (nominee)
- Best Special Effect (nominee)

Contribution to Cinematic Imagery Award :
- Best Contribution to Cinema (winner)

Excellence in Production Design Award :
- Best Fantasy Film (nominee)

BAFTA Award :
- Best Special Effect (nominee)
- Best Make Up and Hair (nominee)

Critics Choice Award :
- Best Make Up (nominee)
- Best Visual Effect (nominee)

Golden Reel Award :
- Best Sound Editing (nominee)

Phoenix Film Critics Society Award :
- Best Cinematography (nominee)
- Best Visual Effect

San Diego Film Critics Society Award :
- Best Ciematography (nominee)
- Best Production Design (nominee)

Washington DC Film Critics Society Award :
- Best Art Direction (nominee)

World Soundtrack Award :
-Soundtrack Composer of The Year (winner)

Hugo Award :
-Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form (nominee)

Saturn Award :
- Best Fantasy Film (nominatee)
- Best Director
- Best Costume
- Best Make Up
- Best Special Effect

Breaking Dawn Part 1 

 Evening Standard British Film Award:
- Blockbuster of the Year (nominee)

Razzie Award :
- Worst Picture (nominee)
- Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel (nominee)
- Worst Screen Ensemble (nominee)
- Worst Director for Bill Condon (nominee)
- Worst Screenplay (nominee)
-  Worst Actor for Taylor Lautner (nominee)
- Worst Actress for Kristen Stewart (nominee)
- The Worst Screen Couple award for Kristen Stewart with either Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson (nominee)
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