Movie Review - Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012)

Directed by : Bill Condon
Starring : Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
So finally the last Twilight movie comes out in the theater and we, lovers of good quality of entertainment will not suffer anymore... Well, sorry for those who read and feel offended. I don't intend to. I just speak out my mind.

Since this is a new movie, I will give you a warning : THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS, so get out of here if you're Twihard (I assure you, you will not enjoy my review) and those who haven't seen the movie. For those who didn't mind because you're don't care about the spoiler and Twilight or Twilight fans who want to give me some lectures in caps lock or Twilight fans who just curious of what I write, Hey Welcome!

Another warning : grammar mistakes, confusing sentences, typos.

So, Breaking Dawn Part 2, a movie that was born because of jealousy of Deathly Hallows Part 2, begins with Bells Swan as a vampire. She has sex like crazy since they have same temperature and strength. She hunts with Edward and tries to kill a mountain climber. The baby of Bella and Edward, Renesmee (bad name ever), grows very quickly and the Volturi hear about her and plan to kill the baby. The rule is that such children, because their tantrums can rip through entire civilizations, have to be destroyed on the spot. The the Cullen explain how Volturi dealt with how children who had been turned into a vampires. There is a flashback of Jane holding one of them and throws it into a fire. Thing is, since Bella conceived and gave birth while still human, the girl is actually not immortal (which weird because SMeyer said that she will stop aging at 17 and like that forever. Which one is true?).So, the Cullen and Jacob, who has imprinted to the baby, try everything they can to protect her (gathering vampires for Edward and gathering werewolves for Jacob). So, the Cullen and co meet the Volturi and then there is the big fight that end anticlimactically and then happily ever after as expected.

The most common questions about this movie are :

Is this the best Twilight movie? Yes.
Is this a GOOD movie? No

The epic finale that will live forever on the trailer will be only be taken seriously by Twilight fans, ONLY. Why? because even though non-fans enjoy this movie too, they don't think that way. So, what to expect for the non-fans like me who love to watch movie not only for pure entertainment? You guess...

I will not list the actors and their acting skill like usual. I didn't do it for Deathly Hallows Part 2 because it had so many actors that turned out great and it would be a long list. For this movie, I don't do it because the actors, most of them, here also can be concluded in one word, which is bad. Stewart shows that she can show emotions. She smiles, jokes and angry here but most of them look forced, especially when she gets angry because Jacob "imprinted" on her daughter. Only few that look sincere. Pattinson is the best but still bad and Lautner is hopeless. He tries to deliver a bad-ass line but it ends to be very funny. Hell, Dakota Fanning doesn't talk anything and only glares but she is much more entertaining than the trio. Billy Burke is a good actor so we have a break from suffering through bad acting thanks to him. Most of the actors just pose in front of the camera instead of acting. They're like models who walk around in good fashion and hairstyles.

The best thing in this movie is only the fight scene. It's bloodless and kinda fun but then ends anticlimactically. The close up is annoying for an action scene. It also has poor CGI, poor choreography. The saddest thing is that this isn't in the book. A proof that the book lacks of source material.

Oh, did I say it ends anticlimatically?  I was really happy when I saw Carlisle, Jasper, some of werewolves, Dakota Fanning, some Volturi guys died. I really want to see both Bella and Edward die because the rest of the Cullen are more interesting than those two. Then..... it's revealed that it was just a projection of the future that Aro sees from Alice's mind. It's a vision, people. The huge cool battle (in Twilight standard) is only A VISION!! What the-!! 

The Twihards even say as far as "It's the best fight of the year!" Really? Do you forget Bane VS Batman in TDKR? or the good battle in Avengers? Or the amazing fight in The Raid Redemption? Right, they don't watch them or don't think of them because Twilight is always the best thing in their minds. Always.

The worst thing is the CGI. Oh my God...!! The CGI, as always, is very terrible for a big movie like this. The wolves are as fake as ever, the scenes of Edward and Bella running through the woods are 90s-level green screen awful, and the worst is the CGI baby. They put Foy's face on the baby and IT'S MOVING!! THE BABY'S FACE IS MOVING! Find a real baby that looks like Foy! It's not hard if you're really looking! Harry Potter done it well, hell Nolan even managed to get an actress that exactly look like a younger version Marion in TDKR.

The lines are still as cheesy and as dumb as ever. We don't need line like "No one has never loved you as much as I do" or "You're beautiful". We have heard those kind of line since the first movie, we don't need repetition. The point of all conversations are just “I want to keep you safe Bella,” “No Edward, you don’t have to protect me.”

The actors mumble and sometimes I don't know or understand what they're saying. I thought it was because I'm not a native speaker, but some Americans viewers said the same thing too, so....

This is like a movie based on fanfiction. Why? because of Mary-Sue character in the name of Bella Cullen nee Swan. She is absolutely perfect. Almost every character in the movie tells us about how perfect and amazing Bella is. She is the fastest of all, beating Edward. She's the strongest of all, beating Emmet and Jacob.

“Wow, Bella, I really admire your self control!” 
"Wow, Bella your special gift is even better than mine."
"Wow, Bella your child really is perfect."

She becomes the most beautiful graceful vampire with amazing shield power, perfect husband, perfect daughter, perfect life, the vampires they've gathered admire them and even one of them asks her to leave Edward to be with him. What have she done to achieve those things? Becoming a new students, blinking rapidly, breathing very loudly and touching hair in Twilight? Becoming a zombie and staring out the window for months and only coming back to life when there's Jacob in New Moon? Punching and then kissing Jacob in front of her fiance in Eclipse? Shaving her leg, brushing her teeth, pushing Edward to have sex with her and sitting around pregnant in BD part 1? What??

Don't tell me her love for Edward. If that's the case, those other vampires girls should have power too because they love their partner so much. Don't tell me because Bella is a human when she met Edward. Love doesn't have bound, that what you Twihards always say, right? Don't tell me about sacrifice because Bella doesn't do anything at all about it. She sacrifices her life to give birth to a hybrid baby? Don't all mothers do that? She sacrifices her mortal life? It's not sacrifice if you goes to something you don't want to something you want. It's not sacrifice if you enjoy it much better. What is a specific sacrifice that is so admirable in vampire history or myth or whatever that makes her becomes such perfect creature even for a vampire? 

How the hell both of them fell in love anyway? I don't get it except that Bella always says Edward is beautiful, Edward stalks her and she always in danger.

Most of the time, the vampires and werewolves are only standing around and talking. The fight in the vision scene is the only one worth action in the entire movie and it has been shown briefly on the trailer. It's Twilight movie, people... The only good thing always shown in the trailer and then the rest sucks. 

You know the most creepiest thing in this movie? Twilight movies has been claimed by the fans as a horror movie too because it has "vampire" although they don't do anything scary. I always think this franchise as a joke, but with this movie, I know that they are right. I can see now why this is also considered as horror movie. Jacob becomes a PEDO!! You know "the imprint" thing. Many fans argue that the werewolves that imprint on someone don't have to be a lover. They can be a best friend or brother. If that so, then why Sam just becomes best friends with Emily so both of them will not hurt Leah? Why Jacob wishes to call Edward "Dad" one day? It means that he has intention to marry Nessie. Wow, child grooming...

It's explained that Jacob infatuates with Bella because he actually infatuates with her daughter. What? Nessie, as he calls her, is made by both Bella and Edward. So if Jacob infatuates with Bella, doesn't it mean he also infatuates with Edward? Is that why both guys always has such tension? because they have a crush on each other? Well, it's only me and Jeremy Jahn who apparently has same idea about it. Does it mean that Quil will also infatuates with Clare's mother if the said toddler was still in her mother's belly? 

And also the laughable scene where Jacob strips in front of Charlie, Bella's Dad. Man, I laughed so hard... Thankfully, there's no wolves talking here...

Some ridiculous parts in the book is actually present. They are lame and they didn't change it at all.  Those parts are familiar for those who read the book. They are the fight and all problems about Cullen vs Volturi is just based on minor misunderstanding; the misunderstanding is solved quickly when someone tells Aro that Nessie isn't immortal; then Alice brings another hybrid.

The vampires here are like superhero. A bunch of boring superheroes with all powers they have. They got wasted in the end, anyway.... sucks and we will not really care for them when they are on the screen.

The ending... well, some said the ending will run Deathly Hallows or other finale movies out for their money. Really??

Okay, so the ending is Edward and Bella cuddling among the lavender flower in the meadow we saw at the beginning of Eclipse. Bella, with all his awkwardness, says that she is practicing the new power. Then she closes her eyes and flashback of scenes from four movie appeared. It consist of the first time they meet, they fell in lust, the first time they had sex.

Really? that kind of ending will run other finale movies out of their money? Really? It's not a bad ending but it isn't epic or wonderful or whatever Twihards have said. We have seen those with some extended ones in BD Part 1 when Bella turned to a vampire. Maybe those flashback reminds Twihards about lust between Bella and Edward or some other stupid reason they come up with. But sorry, it looks dumb to me. Flashback of four movies like a fanvid video isn't interest me and for me, personally, it just shows us that SMeyer and whoever wrote the screenplay could not create something NEW. It doesn't matter if the ending is a cliche. As long as it is delivered well, it's okay and acceptable. 

It's okay if those flashbacks are useful because it contains information or something. But it's not. It's just re-call some memories. You don't need to be shown flashbacks of previous movies to remind you why you like/love a movie. It's already printed in our heart and head. And I'm sure Edward doesn't need that. He's perfect after all so he can remember everything. If he really loves her, he will not forget about it. It looks useless.

The UN-epic finale that will live forever in its die-hard fans' mind but will be forgotten when another new franchise with good looking actors and actresses comes. It will also be forgotten when December comes and it isn't on top of box office then will be remembered again when sucks awards come and be forgotten again. Finally...!

This movie is a cash cow and none of the profits were wasted on making it look good. I pray everyday that there will be no sequel or re-make of this franchise...

I give this movie : C (Yes, it's finally over!!)

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