The Dark Knight Rises TV Spots

The Dark Knight Rises TV Spots have hit the internet... Here we can see bit more humor in this movie, unlike the previous movies which are so serious. The humor is funny and really lightened up the atmosphere that we see in the three trailer.

The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot #1

Bane's voice is creepy when he said "Gotham, this is your liberation". He sounds like a drunk man yet very smart and menacing voice.

When Bruce said to Lucius " I need you to get me back to the game" is clear that somehow, Bruce retires or stop being Batman for a while. He realized that Gotham needs the Batman and he needs Lucius to give him those expensive toys.

Funny scene when Lucius Fox asks "Remember where you parked?" and Bruce only respond with raising his eyebrows.

The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot #2

Here we see more about Catwoman here. We see Bruce and Selina Kyle dance and talk.

Bruce: "That's a brazen costume for a cat-burglar."

Selina: "Yeah, who are you pretending to be?" 

I like the way Anne Hathway sounds here. She sounds great, she looks great, she will make a good Catwoman and Selina Kyle. Here also probably the funniest scene in this trailer or TV Spots we see so far.

Valet : "Your wife said you were taking a cab home"

Bruce : "My WIFE?"

CATWOMAN STEALS HIS LAMBOGHINI!!! Sorry... great one, Kitty! He annoyed you, you show him you can do the same. Hope Bruce get his car back. That's Lamboghini Aventador, baby!

The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot #3

Here, we see that Bruce Wayne says to Lucius Fox that he's retired and Lucius shows him "The Bat" the new flying vehicle for Batman. Wow... the BatWing looks cool. It's still white, though so maybe later Bruce will paint it black himself like what he did or I thought he did with The Tumbler.

The conversation is funny, though:

Bruce : "I've told you..."
Lucius : "You're retired"
Bruce : "I'm retired"

They way Bruce says he's retired with the funny style and even smiling is amusing. Maybe he will say something like :

Bruce : "I'm retired... but let's go back to the game like the old time's sake" or something... I hope

 The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot #4

Here, there are a lot of action here, something we have already seen in the trailer. The new ones are only when the bearded Bruce scream and Alfred says something.

Alfred : "You are not Batman anymore"

What does that mean? Bruce has retired and someone else becomes Batman?

All we can do is wait. The Dark Knight Rises will be in cinema in July, 20th 2012.

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