Teaser Trailer The Hobbit : The Battle of The Five Armies

The teaser trailer is out and let's talk about it.
 As we know that the Battle of The Five Armies is an unexpected event in the Hobbit book. All we know that they were fighting Smaug and then when it died, we thought that everything was over. Oh, how wrong we were...

So, the third chapter of the Hobbit trilogy is named "BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES" now. Yeah, they have changed it from the previous one. It was said that the complete trilogy will be named 'There and Back Again' instead.

The teaser trailer is great. Full with teases, well what do you expect?
We can see how stress Bilbo is with the upcoming event, and the we can see many soldiers and some fights in it. It seems that Gandalf will have some problems in this Battle because we see Galadriel holds his body and cries. Poor Gandalf...

We also see Legolas and Tauriel there, hiding and witnessing all the upcoming war. They probably go off join the war instead of just spying.

The most interesting thing in the trailer is Pippin's song. You know, the song he sang in Return of The King. The mellow song somehow matched with the atmosphere of the whole trailer here. Much better than in the Lord of The Rings.

Well, I am excited to watch the this one. I can say that the Hobbit movie is getting better and better and I hope that this one can be better that the Desolation of Smaug. Let's wait!

Here is the teaser trailer :

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