KAT-TUN's and HEY!SAY!JUMP's New Album : COME HERE and S3ART

So, two Johnny boybands were releasing albums and well, I'AM HAPPY!!
Of course, right?? The other boyband will releasing their two songs too in a short time...
Both of them will have their own tour...
Ah~~ how lucky the fangirls in Japan.

Well, let's talk about their albums.

We will begin with Hey!Say!JUMP since they are a hot topic today because yesterday they have done a concert in Osaka.

HSJ's new album's title is "S3ART"

We read it SMART. The "3" means that it is their third album. The title made me wonder at first. It was good actually. When it was discovered that Inoo Kei was the one who made the title, then I nodded my head. It was expected.

The S3ART album consists of new good songs with good title. Some titles of the songs are so crafty for me, for example CANDLE and COMPASS ROSE. The songs in it show us how much HSJ has grown since their last album. The most standouts song is of course FOREVER since it has driven all fangirls crazy since the Live With Me concert, especially the costume.

Another good song is RELOAD. This is my favourite song of all. I really like the beat. It's a fun song.

Most memorable song will be CANDLE, an angst/romance fanfiction like song. Seriously.... I am not kidding. Yamada is the one who wrote this and he's good. Even thought it is like a fanfic for me. Yabu Kota wrote a song with his favourite letter "S", Just seach for it and you will find it. Yabu seems cannot move on from the letter "S" everytime he writes a song, doesn't he? That explains all BEST songs' titles begin with that letter. The song is good and mellow. So Yabu-like song. Hikaru's COMPASS ROSE is good but COME BACK definitely has his best rap.

The nice change is HSJ is devided into three sub unites by jan-ken-pon (-_-) Yeah, I know what you're thinking. So, HeySayJUMP is devided into :

Night Style People (Yabu, Chiinen, Yuto) : Super Super Night
Ai Wo Tai (Daiki, Inoo, Keito) : Oh!Idol
Yellow Voice (Yamada, Hikaru and Takaki) : Yes!

Among these three, Oh!Idol is the best song of all despite consists of unpopular ones. The song is so funny and unique, very much Inoo and Daiki with soon-to-be-corrupted Keito. I love it the most.

However, there is a disappointment in me when I listen to the songs. They are very KATTUNish, especially FOREVER and RELOAD. The intro for RELOAD is so similar with KAT-TUN's SIGNAL minus the claps. 

Okay one, let's move to KAT-TUN!!

KATTUN released their album COME HERE based on their main song which goes with the same title. The album consists of some of their solos like FACE TO FACE, EXPOSE and TO THE LIMIT.

The COME HERE song is a very nice song. It was fun, light, fast pace that is so unlike KAT-TUN's usually rock-like song. It is a nice change.

The titles are great too, especially the for the members' solos.
Nakamaru : CRESCENT 

Yeah you read it alright (-_-) Junno's song is so straightforward, but that Junno is. Very Junno.

The best song is ART OF LIFE for me. Maybe because my favourite music is JRock so I get lost very easily in this song The lyrics are controversional and most of them are in English, which Ueda's pronunciation is better but still needed to be improved.

Song FUMETSU NO SCRUM is unique song that has ryme -chu at the end of the reff. It is funny because "chu" usually for "kiss" and I giddily imagine their kissy lips when they sing that song LOL

This is KAT-TUN's 8rd album too that break a record because NONE a Japanese singer/boybands actually manage to drop 8 albums and ALWAYS become number 1 in Japan. So, congratulation for KAT-TUN. You're the best Asia Boyband!

Okay, that's all everyone. Make sure you listen to the albums above because you'll surely fall in love (^_^)

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