Trailers : American Hustle and Out of The Furnance

A movie by David O Russell, American Hustle, finally releases a teaser trailer. The trailer is fun but many weird hairdo, clothes and even scenes.

The acting, even though it is just a short trailer, looks good. Jennifer looks beautiful, Amy looks hot, the men looks weird but good in their own way.

The movie that consists of Oscar Winning Actors (Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence) and Oscar Nominee Actors (Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper) is already making its name in Oscar's Best Picture List. I hope it will turn good and really win Oscar Next Year

Here is the trailer :

Another hot trailer is a movie by Scott Cooper called Out of The Furnance. This movie is also featuring Oscar Winners Christian Bale and Forest Whitaker and many Oscar Nominees like Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, etc plus Zoe Saldana

Here the trailer:

 I found one review for this movie already, here it is :

"A heartfelt, tense, and dramatic thriller with a powerhouse cast" -

Wow, this guy or girl have seen the movie already?? Nice, I'm so jealous

I cannot wait to watch both movies....

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