Interesting Forum : Why are The Fans of Naruto Slowly Getting Tired of Their Favourite Manga?

Honestly, I'm getting tired of the Naruto's plot these days... Why? because Naruto's character becomes overly ridiculous and too powerful. He is like GOD and the prophecy thing is getting on my nerves. Slowly, I don't really care with Naruto anymore. I like him and the story at the beginning even though he's not my favourite character.

I don't hate Naruto. I only don't care anymore about him. I don't care if he will be the next Hokage or the Kage or even God himself. He's not ready for all of those. He's too ambitious and too stupid to think right. Just like Madara said, "Someone who is impatience and in rush is a child." and yes, Naruto is still a child in mind and attitude. Gaara is far more mature and smarter than him, a good Kazekage.

All I care is my favourite character Hatake Kakashi, the only complex and interesting character in the entire manga.

So, I was searching for some news and argument in a Naruto fansite that you can find in the source. I found some interesting threads and I checked them out. The debate was so intense and interesting. So, I decided to post here. I post some reasonable and logical argument here. You can check it out here or visit the source.

Warning: These are NOT my argument. You can find these argument in the link I have provided. I have chosen the logical and reasonable reasons for all of you from almost all the commentators in the site. You're welcomed to check it in the source to find out more.....

1. Why is fans hating the Prophecy Child plot? 

a. A very lazy excuse that come out of nowhere suddenly (when it is not needed actually) to potray that Naruto is someone so special and on why he is the only way to defeat Madara and Jubito.

b. First reason is because it went against what Kishi potrayed Naruto at first place: The underdog who was born a normal person & who would eventually rise to achieve his dream just through determination & through hard work. Now we learnt he's born to noble blood too, use Uzumaki name but no one even shinobi realize that TWO Hokage's wives had the same family name AND that Uzumaki is one of the strongest clans because of their seal mastery.

c. Naruto doesn't have to be "the chosen one". He's already had the strongest jinchuriki in him that makes him has insane cakra and power. It's still match the Naruto 1 because Naruto has to learn to control the Kyuubi (hard work) and even though he's Minato's son, he didn't have anyone by his side so it was normal to be the dead last years ago.

d. Naruto said to Neji that you could change your destiny. But then Naruto's destiny as the saviour came up and Naruto himself claimed that he was born to be the saviour and he couldn't change that. That's why he had to defeat Obito and saved everyone because he couldn't fight his destiny. This meant Neji was right in Naruto 1.

e. To add that Neji was right: You need a specific lineage to be a great shinobi! Those who have specific lineage will be always above others, just like his Hyuuga clan. Naruto being Minato's son is fine, but with Uzumaki belongs to Senju clan, Uzumaki is also First Hokage's wife, then Naruto has almost all hokage's lineage (1,2,4,5). Naruto is not someone with hard work anymore. He has those amazing lineage plus Kyuubi plus Child of Prophecy and reincarnation of Rikudo Sennin. It's getting risiculous!

f. The ninjas at the war claimed that the war between Edo Tensei Hokages, Naruto and Sasuke VS Madara and Jubito is too powerful for them and let the "seniors" to handle it because they had the "chosen one" with them. Absurb! What's the point of Shinobi Alliance if the ones who was fighting are ALL Konoha Shinobis??

g. CoP (Child of Prophecy) is a way for Kishimoto to tell us that Naruto was destined for greatness when all he needs to do is show us that. It limited the scope of the story in terms of other characters while increasing Naruto’s scope beyond being a Kage. The CoP is redundant since Naruto is being told that he would do the types of things he would already choose to do.

h. We can't take Naruto seriously. Every fight he wins, every goal he achieves will be because it was predestined to happen. What's the point of Naruto v Sasuke or Naruto v anyone if destiny prevents him from loosing. It's different with, say Harry Potter who is also the chosen one. He is the chosen one from the start so when he won, we know it. However, his winning is not because he has super powerful magic inside him but because he has his friends help him, everyone's involved. In addition, he isn't always win. He lost too, his hope doesn't always happen, his goals aren't all achieves.

i. Madara has accepted that certain things are set in stone, that certain people are destined to always win and others to always fail. He wants to create a world where this won't happen. He wants to create a world where destiny doesn't exist, and in order to do that, he has to alter reality. He believes there is no other way. Obito, on a less direct level, feels the same.

Naruto, as the Child of Prophecy and the eventual reincarnation of the Rikudo Sennin (because we all know it's coming), is the perfect example of how right the villains actually are. Because he is destined to win. Everyone who disagrees with him is destined to fail. There is no alternative. Destiny dictates that Naruto always comes out on top no matter what; this is the reality of the world the shinobi now live in. It's a world of ONE winner, of MANY losers, and of EVEN MORE irrelevant bystanders, and because of destiny, there are no other options.

It's very, very troubling when the very existence of the hero is actually proving the villains right.

j. The Prophecy bollocks caused the plot line to be way too predictable and incredibly irritating in regards to Naruto's character development and it makes every other character suffer in the development side. Kakashi fans would know what this means.

k. The Prophecy is essentially about the conflict between the Younger Son and the Older Son. Naruto will win because there are 3 themes saying so: (1) Naruto the reincarnation of RS; (2) Naruto represents the Younger Son; (3) Naruto is a child of prophesy. That's simply too much. The Younger Son was always going to win. Madara and Obito becoming pseudo-Rikudo doesn't help them when they're going to face the reincarnation of the Rikudo. Thematically, this is a curb stomp battle.

l. The simple fact it's related to destiny is what makes it not sit well with people. His ambitions have gotten a lot more far fetched Part 1 wanted to be Hokage save a friend maybe end up killing him Simple. Now he wants to bring ever lasting peace, he tried to shoulder everything on his own without even realising he has people who care for him and not abandon them, he is irrational and struggled accepting death in war is inevitable. 


2. Some parts in Naruto's plot that fans hate : 

a. Naruto becomes overly way too powerful in only 3 years (this included the "chosen one" thing, reincarnation of Rikudo Sennin thing, suddenly genius that even defeat Minato and Hiruzen "The God of Shinobi" and "Professor" at the war).

b. Sakura saves her cakra on her forehead so the diamond comes out and she looks like Tsunade when we always witness her doing stupid things like trying to kill Sasuke and almost killed by him. We do not see her progress like we see Sasuke and Oro and Naruto and Jiraiya-Toad yet suddenly she becomes a Sannin.

c.  Naruto and Sasuke's relationship wasn't developed enough to warrant the stakes risen by it--the same stakes that would continue to be elevated throughout part II. It has weak foundation. what is the bond Naruto is fighting so hard for? They both had rough childhoods, yes, but that alone isn't enough. They had moments where they showed small bits of respect for each other in situations, but they didn't have that 'friendship'. It was always rivalry based. It was different with Kakashi and Obito. Obito and Kakashi worked together in Gaiden to save Rin and Obito taught Kakashi the most important thing that became Kakashi's principle of life (the abandon friends thing). But it didn't happen with Naruto and Sasuke. All is about competing with each other even with small thing like eat!! (Tazuna's house)

d. Naruto hasn't had a very hard experience that forces one to grow up, he's not yet the extreme badass that he eventually should have become. Look at the Kakashi Gaiden episode that forced Kakashi to grow up like what he is now. Naruto who is practically unchanged and that's a bad move for character development.

e. Obito's lame reason for being a villain (Rin).

f. How quickly Nagato changed only with Naruto's speech for few minutes when he was being brain-washed by Obito under Madara's name for years!

g. Naruto in particular, there were hints that the manga wouldn't hold true to the ideals established in Part I as early as the Immortals arc: that was when Naruto used his shadow clones en masse to essentially game the system and learn a technique that not even a genius like the Fourth Hokage could master. In other words, it was the turning point where becoming the host of the Kyūbi had finally become more of an asset than a hindrance; when Naruto was progressing because of its influence on his life, not in spite of it. That was when the Nine-Tails became every bit as much of a gift as Sasuke's prodigious blood and Sharingan eyes, and the genius vs. hard work and perseverance motif crumbled upon itself, and Jiraiya's silly introduction of the Chosen One only made it undeniable and irreversible.

h. The training arcs do not show the development of a hero. They just show someone getting stronger.

There is a huge difference between showing someone gain physical strength, and showing them mature and develop into a hero. Naruto still has no plans for how to change the world, and he's still selfishly bitching about how he's going to be Hokage and trying to force a petty, childish rivalry on Sasuke. He's not a hero. He's just a whiny little brat who happens to be really powerful and uses that power to solo armies.

i. Kishimoto had just decided to make Naruto a hero again by having him defeat an Akatsuki member: Kakuzu. Then Kishimoto destroyed the "promise of a life-time" story-line. Then he introduced the Prophesy. This was succeeded by the Younger Son story-line. This was again succeeded by the Reincarnation. Kishimoto changed Naruto 4 times in 5 consecutive arcs. Every time Naruto's position in this manga was changed, it made Naruto's character/characterization weaker.

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