Top 10 Best Movies of 2012

Hello, so this is MY list of Top 10 Best Movie of 2012. Not all movies here I reviewed because I didn't have time to review all movies I watched. I will put a brief review on each movie.

So, here we go...

1. The Dark Knight Rises

The Epic conclusion of Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy. The movie is epic and one of the best trilogy ever made. The acting is amazing, the soundtrack, the plot and everything. One of the best superhero movie ever made.

I give this movie : A+

2. Lincoln
A biography of America's president. Despite the long movie, it is very enjoyable and great. Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing. I bet he will win Oscar this year. Many talented actors are here, from Tommy Lee-Jones to Joseph Gordon-Levitte. 

I give this movie A+

3. Looper
Looper is a new creative sci-fic movie. So Joseph Gordon-Levitte is someone who has a job to kill the people that are sent from the future. One day he met his own Future, played by Bruce Will. Confused, he tried to find everything he can. Joseph Gordon-Levitte is one of the best actor and I'm sure he will get himself an Oscar one day. 

I give this movie : A+ 

4.  The Perk of Being Wallflower

At first, I thought this movie will be a bad one. But I was so wrong. The movie is great! A very touching story of Charlie. Everything is great, from the plot, and especially the acting. Lerman, Watson and Miller brought their best acting in their life. This should be nominated in best adapted screenplay in Oscar. This movie had won critics' heart in Toronto Film Festival by receiving standing applause.

I give this movie : A

5. Les Miserables

 Les Miserables is a musical movie based on a famous musical. The Oscar-Winning Director, Tom Hooper, was the one behind this movie. Almost 97% lines in this movie are sung by the actors and the actress. This movie is definiately going to be one of the Best Picture this year because of the acting, story and the director. The story is good. It comes in a circl, the plot from the beginning comes again in the end. The acting is great. Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway are Oscar worthy. The singing is great, just Russel Crow is not really a good singer.

I give this movie : A

6.  Skyfall

Skyfall is the best James Bond movie. The plot is good, the acting is good, the fighting is good. However, despite the greatness of the movie, this movie is so similar with Nolan's world of Batman. From the whole psychology things that very familiar with Nolan's Batman movies (The Dark Knight for sure and some Batman Begins) and even Inception movies to Bond's castle-like is burned down, tunnel under his mansion and even the Joker-like villain, Alfred-like Uncle and Fox-like character. It is very sad indeed but it is a good movie. 

I give this movie : A

7. The Avengers

I didn't think this movie is great or something. This movie is good and I praised how the director managed to bring almost all Marvel superheroes into one big movie. The 3D was great and also the special effect. The cinematography was weird and the plot was simple. This movie is an enjoyable roller coaster.

I give this movie : A

8. The Master

The dedication of the actors were impressive and the movie was beautifully made. The plot was great. I love the drama. A great movie filled with great talented actors. It was dragged in the middle. Oscar worthy movie and performance indeed.

I give this movie : A

9. Silver Linings Playbook

With this movie, I can say that Lawrence is one of the best actress working today. Good chemistry with Bradley Cooper gave us the very nice look to the dysfunctional couple. This movie was funny, smart, and really enjoyable. 

I give this movie : A 

10. The Hobbit

This movie isn't as good as The Lord of The Ring so don't go watch this movie with that high expectation. This movie is also very long and kinda boring in the first hour before we were spoiled in the next two hours. Amazing acting by the cast and I couldn't wait for another one. Some scene had very bad special effect though but well, the rest is still good.

I give this movie : A 

For those who are angry because I didn't put Argo, Django Unchain and others, that was because I haven't seen them. I only reviewed and put movies that I have seen in this blog. So please forgive me. Many good movies this year, we were really spoiled

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