Movie Review : Prometheus (2012)

 Directed by : Ridley Scott
Staring : N0omi Repace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron.

Prometheus is a sci-fic horror movie which planned as Alien Sequel. So if any of you had seen Alien, you will familiar with things like the horn-like ship, Elephant-like creature, face hugger and such. Since Alien was great, everyone hoped this movie would come out as great as Alien. Sadly, it didn't. Prometheus wasn't a bad movie, but it's an OK movie. It is undeniably had a very beautiful visual. My favourite one is the star map David played with. All the visual effects were absolutely great. However, the plot was not. Enjoyable movie but disappointing. There weren't really any questions that were answered. There were a lot of new questions appeared!

So Prometheus told a story of many scientists, biologist and such expert who went to a planet to find out the Engineer, the human's creator. An optimistic Dr. Shaw kinda led the expedition since she was the one who found about pictures of star in many ancient stones. 
For me, the plot for Prometheus is no different with other sci-fic horror movie. People died because of their own stupidity. Look at the biologist who scared when he saw dead body of the engineer but excited to touch the unfamiliar living snake-like animal. The geologist,the one who was mapping the pyramid, got lost. The most stupid thing was when two people got lost in an unfamiliar planet, inside the unfamiliar pyramid full of unfamiliar capsule-like thing, the crews of the ship were having sex party! Why didn't they worry about them?
David played with star map
Despite the weak plot and some stupidities made by other characters, some scenes were good and some performances were good too. Repace is good as Shaw as well as Fassbender as David. These were the only characters that made audiences care. Theron was great but sadly her character, as good as it was, didn't really develop through the movie. She didn't deserve to die like that. She didn't do anything bad or stupid actually. Whoever played Holloway looked a lot like Tom Hardy. Sadly, his acting was no match for Tom Hardy. The worst actor in the movie actually. I wondered how Shaw was able to run around that when she just finished a very scary surgeon? Shaw groaned a lot of time.

Prometheus was not a movie everyone expected and also wasn't a movie that felt like Alien prequel. It will have a sequel and I really hoped they will make something better than this. So, Prometheus is an enjoyable, frustrating movie. No masterpiece.

I give this movie : B

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