Drama : Cleopatra : The Legend of Power and Beauty

I'm sure you've read my post about Drama : The Storm in My Head. I talked about how my friend and I had to make a script for our drama class. So let's me ask you something.

Have you heard about Cleopatra? siapa sih yang belum? 

Cleopatra was the mostfamous Egypt Queen. She was famous for her beauty, especially, cunning personality and brain. She was well-versed in mathematics and science and spoke seven languages. Her most famous story is her romance with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.

So, my friends and I decided to create a drama for our final drama exam with this story. We were forbidden to adapt 100% the story, so we decided to adapt 50% of it. We included the main elements in the story, like how she tricked Julius Caesar to make her the Queen of Egypt, her marriage with King Ptolemy, Her true romance with Antony and Her death with two of her chaperones, Charmione and Iras.

To complete the 50% hole, we took one of Julius Caesar's daughter (Julia Caesaris), her mother (Caroline), and also Brutus. In my script, Julia will be the main antagonist who actually had Antony under her command. We make Julia hated Julius because he betrayed her mother and killed him. She came to Egypt when Antony fell in love with Cleopatra and killed him. She decided to make Cleopatra her slave and destroy Egypt. That are the things that drove Cleopatra to kill herself.

Well, we didn't forget to some famous role... Asterix and Obelix!!

Here is some pictures of my drama class when we're going to have a performance!!

Antony and Cleopatra
Caroline, Julius and Julia

Cleopatra and her chaperones

Egypt's dancers
Cleopatra and Rome's warriors
Obelix, Cleopatra and Asterix before make-up
Our casts and crews
My friends and I (Can you guess where I am? cue : black hijab, Slytherin jacket, hand up)
Aku sayang kalian ~~ (I love you all)

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