Yabu Kota and Inoo Kei

I think every JE fans, especially HSJ fans, know about the fact Yabu Kota has a girlfriend and it is rumoured that they are living together.

This causes roar in many YabuxSomeone fandom, especially YabuNoo and YabuHika, who have a large number of shippers.

Well, I am a YabuNoo shipper and I'm not really affected with it. I will still continue writing my YabuNoo fic in my LJ account. I will still read YabuNoo fics. I will still ship them until, I don't know, maybe until I have enough of Hey!Say!JUMP or Johnny Boys in the future.

This is my right to ship them and continue loving them, so.....

Here I want to share some pictures of them...

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