KAT-TUN My Favourite Boyband is on The Edge of Breaking

The first time I saw KAT-TUN was when I found an episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN where Ueda Tatsuya was in a yellow flower field, acting like a model. He was so beautiful with his copper hair. Then I searched for him and found KAT-TUN. Maybe because of that Ueda Tatsuya is my favourite KAT-TUN member until now. 

I began searching for the songs, MV, Shounen Clubs and Cartoon KAT-TUNs. Their songs are great! The lyrics, especially Ueda's songs, are very beautiful. I really like them. I watched almost all videos about them, many of them cannot be found in the YouTube again now, and I officially head over heels.

When Akanishi left the group, I wasn't really sad. Probably because I didn't really like him in since the beginning. Sure he was the most handsome and had the best voice out of the six, but his scandals and attitudes didn't really impress me. I always saw that he had I-am-getting-bored-with-KAT-TUN aura or something so I wasn't really surprise when he said he would do a solo and debuted in US. Well, good luck with that even though you're not getting anywhere. Who cares if he starred in 47 Ronin. His acting skill sucks! His English sucks! The movie failed in both US and Japan box office. If you're searching for a great actor in KAT-TUN, call Kamenashi Kazuya. Even, Agnes Monica, who started debut in US a year ago was more successful than Akanishi, who started only God knows when.
The bottom line is I don't care. Sorry. I'm not a fan of him. For you who are his fans, it's your right. I will not say anything.

Years ago KAT-TUN : Kamenashi Kazuya, Tanaka Koki, Teguchi Junnosuke, Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuichi

KAT-TUN until September 2013
KAT-TUN was still going strong because even without Akanishi, all five remaining members could sing. Koki who always did the rap, and Nakamaru who did the beatbox, actually had great voice. Listen to the song "Lock On" here and you'll know. Here, there's no Akanishi's deep voice, no beatbox and no rap, yet this is a great song and music composition.

The saddest thing was when Tanaka Koki was fired on September 2013. I was so shocked. I find the reason and I just disappointed that the reasons were about bad behaviours and contract thing. I compared it to Akanishi who did nude poses on An An, badmouthed KAT-TUN, got his girlfriend pregnant before marriage and they married secretly yet he only got suspended?? That's really unfair! However, if we look at the management of Johnny and Associate now and of course money, we all know why. Akanishi was one of Johnny's machines money, not the top ones (those are being Sakurai Sho, MatsuJun, Kamenashi, Yamada Ryosuke, Yamapi, and some others) but still a cash cow while Tanaka Koki wasn't.

So here they are...KAT-TUN : Kamenashi Kazuya, Teguchi Junnosuke, Tatsuya Ueda, Nakamaru Yuichi

KAT-TUN right now

KAT-TUN is still doing good because Kusabi got number one in Japan once it was released, but I really miss Koki's voice. Ueda Tatsuya said that if another member leave the group, KAT-TUN will be disbanded and I can see why. Here is "Kusabi" with only four remaining members of KAT-TUN :


  1. yeah, kame is splendidly magnificent& talented :) im starting to be his fan since i watched the live video of him& sir suga singing "real face" & "ai ni tsuite". that was long enough vids, and its just cute... well, i hope kat-tun aint gonna disband& wud stay like that as long as they can :)

  2. but four of them said that they will never leave kat-tun.. and i hope they can still continue. They're great :)


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