Razzie Award 2013 Nominees and Winner Prediction

Another award show is coming. Tomorrow is Oscar announcement and before that day we are greeted by Razzie Award. The nominees are actually pretty predictable based on my worst movies of 2012 list but there're some surprising nominee too. I haven't seen some of the movies, but I read the reviews of them from Rotten Tomatoes to make me understand more so that I can predict the winner without being ignorant movie lover.

I cannot believe Piranha 3DD isn't on the list. That movie is trash, completely garbage. Well, here is the list and Prediction Winner from me...! Hope this prediction isn't too ridiculous..

Worst Picture:
Which should win : A Thousand Words
Which will win : A Thousand Words

Worst Director:
Who should win : Tyler Perry
Which will win : Tyler Perry

Worst Actress:
Which should win : Katherine Heigl
Which will win :  Katherine Heigl

Worst Actor:
Which should win : Eddie Murphy
Which will win : Eddie Murphy

Worst Supporting Actress:
Which should win : Rihanna
Which will win : Rihanna

Worst Supporting Actor:
One of the worst actors in Hollywood
Which should win : Taylor Lautner
Which will win :  David Hasselhouff/Taylor Lautner

Worst Screen Ensemble:
Which should win : The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II
Which will win :Battleship

Worst Screenplay:
Which should win : A Thousand Words
Which will win : A Thousand Words

Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel:
Which should win : Piranha 3DD
Which will win : Piranha 3DD

Worst Screen Couple:
Which should win : Foy and Lautner (BD Part 2)
Which will win : Foy and Lautner (BD Part 2)

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