Movie Review : The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Director : Christoper Nolan

Starring : Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Mogan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitte

The Dark Knight Rises is the final chapter of Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy and set 8 years after the previous movie, The Dark Knight. This story mainly is about how Batman has to rise to defeat Bane, a terrorist that occupies Gotham. Since this story set 8 years later, we could see the aging Bruce Wayne, re-built Wayne Manor and how peacefull Gotham is although it is based on the lie.

Baru sekarang bisa review The Dark Knight Rises... Mengingat saya mau mereview ke tiga film Batman sekaligus jadi saya tunggu sampai The Dark Knight Rises muncul dan alhasil karena baru bisa nonton sekitar sebulan yang lalu yaaaa.... agak telat Sorry (T_T)

So, this is the final chapter of Chris Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and it was AWESOME. The Dark Knight Rises was a long movie but for me it was too short... well I want to see it more... 

The plot was awesome, rather predictable but it was awesome karena disuguhkan dengan cerdas. The Dark Knight Rises dibuka dengan adegan Bane dan CIA di pesawat. Bane yang merupakan teroris dan menjadi incaran FBI, CIA dll menculik seorang ahli nuklir dari Rusia, Dr. Pavel. Dari prologue-nya saja, kita bisa tahu bahwa Bane is a great villain. He’s smart and a big dude. He has very loyal followers, like to the death. Bila Bane minta mereka untuk mati, ya mereka mati.

Let’s talk about acting :

Bruce Wayne
Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. He’s so AMAZING and totally, if Oscar doesn’t close their eyes to superhero movie, he should get nomination for best actor in leading role. This is the best acting of Bruce/Batman from him and probably the best Bruce Wayne/Batman on the screen. Ketika kita melihat bagaimana kehidupan Bruce setelah The Dark Knight, mau tidak mau kita merasa kasihan. It was so sad and everything. Batman’s voice was good here. It was like in the middle of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Awesome! I could not help but cry at the scene where Batman died.

Bruce and Alfred
Michael Cain as Alfred. Michael Cain was awesome. The sad thing about Alfred in this movie was that we didn’t really see him that much. He was seen for a moment in the beginning until he left and at the very end of the movie. Tapi kita tahu mengapa hal itu dapat dimaafkan di plot film ini. Jika Alfred tidak pergi, he probably ended up getting slaughtered. Scene paling sedih adalah ketika Afred menangis di funeralnya Bruce Wayne... oh jadi ikut nangis (saya nangis waktu Batman mati huhuhu)

Mogan Freeman as Lucius Fox and Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon : Should I say more about them? They are awesome like always. 

One thing though, Gary Oldman as older Jim Gordon was awesome. I kinda pity this man because he had to lie everytime Harvey Dents is mentioned. Ditambah lagi ditinggalin sama wife-nya tersayang. Kasihan banget...!

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle. Anne is the best catwoman ever put on the big screen. I don’t really like catwoman in Batman Return (Michelle) because she was kind of a whore. You know a sex symbol. She was sexy, yeah, and she did fit the Burton theme. BUT Anne was not only sexy. She was smart, manipulative, cunning and  so classic, something about Catwoman that has been missing (or so the Batman fans said). Anne’s Selina Kyle is also a kick-ass catwoman. She knows how to seduce but at the same time she knows how to fight. She’s adaptable (so she said). Anne adalah actress yang bisa dibilang One of the Best Actresses in Hollywood karena selain cantik, dia juga berbakat dan mau ambil resiko dalam acting.

Tom Hardy as Bane
Tom Hardy as Bane. Tom Hardy is an awesome actor and he’s awesome as Bane. Bila tidak ada yang tahu bahwa orang yang memerankan Eames di Inception dan Bane di film ini adalah orang yang sama, mereka akan mengira kedua tokoh ini diperankan oleh orang yang berbeda. Bane is a very terrifying villain with huge muscles and brain. Saya sangat suka dengan adegan berkelahi Batman VS Bane. The fights are so awesome.

One of Bane’s menacing moment was the one with Dagget.
Dagget : Stay here, I’m in charge
Bane : (Put his hand on Dagget’s shoulder) Do you feel in charge?

If that was me, I will think “I will not feel in charge” Betul deh, atau mungkin langsung run away as fast as I can. Ya iyalah, berhadapan dengan orang yang mungkin tiga atau empat kali lipat besarnya, memiliki otak yang cerdas dan anak buah yang setia sampai mati, of course I will ran because I’m not an idiot to actually challege this man immediately and arrogantly.

Miranda Tate/Talia Al Ghul
Marion Cotilard as Miranda Tate/Talia Al Ghul. She was good. She was kinda belivable as Miranda Tate karena perawakannya yang memang wealthy, smart looking woman. I like how they did so well in unrevealing Miranda’s true identity although at first we were led to believe that Bane was Ra's Al Ghul's son which was weird but we just ate it because this was Nolan's movie. Nolan have a gut to change something if it isn't match with his movie. Bravo for your courageous, Sir!

I was disappointed with her death’s scene. Completely stupid if I could say. When the truck fell down like that, yes, you probably could die. With her position, which looked like she had many broken bones, yes she could probably die, but I didn’t like how Marion’s about-to-die’s acting. That titling head thing. Maybe it would be better if they added some blood, like she hit something or something like that.

John Blake
The Bat
Joseph GL as John Blake. JGL is a good actor and he was really good in this movie as John Blake. Maybe we could call him Batman-to-be because that was what he was. John Blake’s real name is Robin but I think it is just a nodd for the character of Robin. John Blake adalan sekumpulan character Robin yang dijadikan satu. Dia tahu Bruce Wayne adalah Batman, dia adalah seorang polisi, beberapa hal yang ada kaitannya dengan karakter Robin.

Another cool thing is this movie is The Bat. Wow, I wish I have that thing... It was very cool! Batman's main toy after he gave the BatPod for his future girlfriend, Catwoman. The Tumblers that were built by Fox were taken by Bane's men after the brutal fight of Bane VS Batman.

So, The Dark Knight Rises is an epic conclusion of The Dark Knight Trilogy and so far is one of the best movies of the year. It’s trilling, it’s fantastic, it’s darker than the previous, a VERY satisfying conclusion and one of the best Trilogy ever made.

I give this movie : A+

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