Fanfiction : Alphabet of Life

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Summary: A collection of short story about the life of The Batman, Bruce Wayne, and The Catwoman, Selina Kyle, from letter “A” to “Z”
Warning: Grammar mistakes, typos, confusing sentences

Chapter 1: The beginning of a new life together. The A to E
 A for “Aspire”

Selina felt the tears ran down her cheeks for the third time in her life. First, it was when she had to drop her sister, Maggie, to an orphanage because she was too young to take care of her. Second, it was when she watched the brutal fight between a hero and a monster. The third time was now, when the same hero flew over Gotham carrying a nuclear bomb with his plane-thing. 

Selina couldn’t look away when the Bat was far-off Gotham, far away from the city that he loved. Selina gasped when a loud explosion happened and a big mushroom cloud was seen over Gotham bay. The bomb had gone off along with the hero. 

“Stupid...” she muttered as the people cheered in happiness and relieved. She turned around and saw Gordon cried quietly. She turned around and made her way to the BatPod before turning it on. The cold winter wind hit her face. The flakes of snow hit her face as well and she was glad about it. Why? Because the flakes washed her tears that kept running down her face. 

Selina packed everything she could into her suitcase. It had been two days since the death of the hero and after two days of mourning her.... partner, she could finally stand on her feet. It was time to get out of this city. It was time to start fresh with the small flash disk in her bag.

Selina took her bag and turned around, only to drop it to the ground and screamed in shock. Her brown eyes widen in surprised when a figure was leaning on her doorway. She moved closer, trying to make sure it wasn’t her imagination. 

“Hi,” The figure spoke. Oh, how Selina missed the voice and wanted to wipe that annoying smirk off his face. She did it anyway by landing a powerful punch on the gorgeous jaw of his. He just chuckled and rubbed his jaw before pulling her into his arms. 

“I thought... I thought...” Selina shuttered. She couldn’t continue her sentence.

“I’m fine. I’m here,” He said soothingly. Selina pulled back and smiled which he returned happily.

“Let’s go. It’s time for both of us to enjoy the world. Time to left everything behind and start fresh,” He said.
“Are you sure you want to leave your city?”

“Yes, of course. I want to leave this city with together with you. I want to start fresh with you,” He said. Selina felt his hand on her neck as he pulled her face toward his to press their foreheads together.

“If that’s what you desire, Mr. Wayne.” she said sweetly, rubbing their noses together. He laughed and kissed her. Selina’s mind went blank for a second before she kissed him back with all the passion she had hidden.

B for “Black”

Bruce yawned and rolled over only to find himself on the floor moment later. He blinked several time and looked around. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed when he realized he was in his own house. It had been a month since he and a certain Cat lady ran away from Gotham and ended up in Italy. He bought them a big house and without complaining, Selina agreed to live with him. 

Bruce looked at a small form on the sofa where he had been lying before and found the sleeping Selina on it. He smiled faintly and moved closer to admire her flawless face. His eyes wandered from her dark hair, wide forehead, cute nose, full lips and went down her slender neck. He smirked when he saw her bra was peeking out from under the blanket. 


“Give it back!” 

Selina chased the laughing man around the big living room. The man kept running, a pair of lingerie in his hands. Selina growled in frustration and ran faster. She finally on his side and kick his right leg. Bruce fell down on the hard marble floor. Selina didn’t waste much time to snatch her lingerie and walked away.

“Selina, come on!”

“Piss off!” She snapped back. She quickly put them into her drawer and ignored the man who was walking inside the room. Bruce casually sat on the bed. Selina glared at him.

“What?” He asked innocently. Selina grabbed a magazine she read and hit him hard on the head. Bruce yelped in pain.

“What was that for?” He asked, rubbing his poor head.

“That was for going through a lady’s drawer without permission,” She said harshly. 

“I didn’t go through your drawer,” Bruce held up his hands in surrender. Selina’s brown eyes were blazing with fire as she threw away the magazine in her hand and reached for a thick book on the table. Bruce’s eyes widen and he immediately stood up.

“I swear, Selina! I didn’t go through your drawer. I found your underwear beneath the couch on the living room. I didn’t know how it got there,“ Selina froze. Her lingerie was under the couch? When-
Selina’s eyes widen when she remembered she had dropped her bag of lingeries in the living room. She was so panicked when she heard his footstep and pushed the lingeries into her back as fast as possible. When Bruce came in, she saw the black lingerie on the floor and immediately kicked it under the couch. 

“Well??” Selina turned around and she found Bruce was grinning widely. He must know she remembered something about it. She desperately wanted to hide inside a deep hole. She looked away and pretended he didn’t exist. 

“Selina!” He called. Selina ignored him.

“Come one, don’t you have something to say to me?” He asked, walking closer to her. 

“No,” she said shortly. She could feel his hot breath on her nape.

“Well, I deserve a ‘sorry’ for what you’ve done to me but since you refused to say it, you could say it through an action,” She froze when his lips touched her ears.

“You know, that black lingerie will look sexy on you...” he said in his Batman voice that made her shivered. A light kiss was placed on her neck before she heard him walked away. Selina glanced at her drawer before a sly smile appeared on her full lips.

End flashback

“You’re up,” Bruce’s eyes went up to meet hers when he heard her voice. He smiled.

“Yes, I am. I fell down the couch,” Selina laughed and sat down, making the blanket fall on her lap. Her beautiful body in the black lingerie came to his view. 

“Nice,” He said, eyes wandering her body. Selina smirked and leaned down to kiss his lips.

“You should buy more black lingeries. I like them on you,” He mumbled on her lips. Selina chuckled and brought their lips into a deeper kiss. She would certainly bring more of them.

“Do you think I should put on my black Cat suit on before these things?” She whispered seductively. She smirked when she head a soft moan from him.

“You should...

C for “Cabin”

Selina wrapped her arms around her small frame as she stared outside the window. She heard a movement behind her and turned around. Bruce was sitting on the wooden floor without his shirt on. He looked up at her and shrugged.

“It’s wet,” he said simply. 

Selina rolled her eyes and sat down beside him. She looked around the room and bit her bottom lip when all she found was wooden walls. Selina sighed. They were having a nice vacation in Netherlands, leaving their beautiful home in Italy. It was one of her dreams to visit Netherlands someday and she wasted no time when Bruce asked her if she wanted to go somewhere before settling down in Italy for a long time. Bruce agreed wholeheartly when she said she wanted to go to Netherlands. 

The headed for Netherlands few days later and after they found a nice hotel, they immediately enjoyed the scenery around the city. When they found small forest just few miles after the hotel, Bruce decided it was a good idea for a short “forest trip” for both of them. He kept persuading her about it and although Selina wasn’t really fond of the idea, she couldn’t refuse when she saw a happy look on his face. Reluctantly, she agreed. So, few days later, they both headed to the forest and here they were...

“What’s wrong?” Bruce asked beside her. Selina glared at him.

“You know what’s wrong!” She snapped. 

“Hey hey hey, it was not my fault that the storm is coming. I cannot control the weather, you know?” Bruce held up his hands in surrender.

“It’s still your fault, Bruce. You were the one who had an idea of “having fun in the small forest, “Selina scoffed.

“I didn’t hear you complaining about it,

“Of course I didn’t! How could I complain when you actually made your “have fun” description was so exciting and all. Who would think you, of all people, got lost in this small forest and couldn’t find way out of here. You’re Batman for God’s sake. You have travelled for seven years, managed to return to Gotham from a mysterious prison but you couldn’t get us out from this small forest?” Bruce smiled sheepishly.

“To find a way out, you have to get lost first,” Bruce said simply. Selina shook her head.

“Well, now, we're stuck in this abandon cabin with storm outside when we can cuddle in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate,

“We can cuddle here,” Bruce said, bringing her into his arms. Selina shivered when his hands roamed her body. She felt them tried to lift her shirt.

“What are you doing?”

“Your clothes are wet. You will get cold if you keep these on your body,” He said as he tried to pull her shirt over her head. Selina smiled slyly when his eyes were on her breast once the shirt was off her body.

“You like it?” She glanced at her black lace bra before turning around. Bruce hummed.

“You said you like black on me,” Selina wrapped her arms around his neck and brought their lips together. Bruce didn’t waste time kissed back. Selina broke their kiss and whispered in his ear.

“Do you have any idea what should we do until the storm stops?”

“I can warm you up,” he whispered back. His voice was thick with lust. Selina smiled and let her hands caressed his bare chest.

“Hmm.... why don’t you show me how?” Bruce kissed her neck before lying her down on the hard wood.

D for “Dandelion”

Selina huffed as she sat on the big rock near the river. Bruce had gone somewhere, saying he had something to do. It was a surprise for her according to him. Selina shook her head in disbelief. What could he give her in the middle of nowhere like this? Maybe he just was trying to find where they should go because they got lost again. She would have his head if they had to spend the time in the same cabin again. So, trying to not waste her time waiting for him, she had taken a nice swim in the river.

Selina’s brown eyes stared at the crystal-like water. The water looked fresh and very clean in her eyes that made her wanted to swim again. She looked around the river and sighed. It had been about fifteen minutes and Bruce hadn’t showed her his handsome face. She was getting worry.

What if something happen to him?

No no no... She shouldn’t be. He was Batman for God’s sake. If he could handle Bane, he definitely could handle a bear or a lion if they even existed in this forest. Bane was more dangerous than those two combined. Sighing, Selina hopped off the rock and went to the direction where Bruce had disappeared minutes ago. 

It was their second tour of the forest. Bruce was having a grudge with the forest after their “got lost, caught in the middle of a storm and were stuck in an abandon small cabin” adventure. He demanded a second tour, saying that he wanted to “tame” the forest. Selina rolled her eyes when she heard that. Bruce could be so childish sometime.

Selina had to admit that the forest was gorgeous. She felt a relaxation swelled up inside of her every time her eyes meet the green forest, some wild flowers and the river, especially the river. This was something new for her. She travelled a lot. She had been in an expensive places, modest places and even dirty places, but never once she stepped into a forest. She liked it and maybe this tour wasn’t so bad.

Selina turned to the corner and saw Bruce was standing in the middle of an empty field. Curious, she walked to him. Her eyes swept the empty field and noticed it wasn’t empty after all. Hundreds or maybe thousand dandelions were standing proudly around the field. So calm and collected. 

Selina tapped his shoulder, making Bruce jumped in surprise. He turned around and frowned when he saw a smug expression on her face. Selina was proud, of course. Making Batman jumped in surprise is something everyone should be proud.

“What are you doing here? I told you to wait for me until I fetch you” Bruce asked disapprovingly. Selina rolled her eyes.

“You’ve gone for about twenty or thirty minutes, Bruce. I will not wait like some damsel in distress for you. What are you doing here anyway?” 

“I wanted to present this as a surprise for you.”

“Then why didn’t you bring me here? Why did you ask me to wait for you?” Bruce grinned and grabbed her hand, positioning her in front of him.

“Just wait and see...” He whispered. Selina frowned and sated at the field full of white dandelions. Few minutes later, breeze greeted her and the dandelions slowly flew around them, making the field looked like it was filled by some fairy. The sunshine hit each dandelion, making the white colour seemed to shine.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Bruce wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I found it few days ago and I thought I could show you as a gift. I was waiting for a right moment to show it to you”

“Few days ago? You came to this forest few days ago?”

“Yes, I told you I wanted to tame this forest so I take a quick tour when you went to grocery. When I found this field, I thought of you”

“So this tour isn’t your “tame the forest” thing?” Selina asked. Bruce smirked his Wayne smirk and kissed her nose.

“No. I told you I have a surprise for you,” He said. Selina smiled and kissed him hard before turned her attention to the field.

“Well, the first time you said it, I though your surprise was your “tame the forest” thing and when you said it for second time I thought you made us got lost again” Bruce chuckled but he didn’t say anything.  


“Hm?” His soft voice came into her ears.

“Thank you...”

“You never have to”

E for “Envious

Selina glared at the blond-haired woman in tight green dress that seemed twice smaller than her size. The woman was trying to impress Bruce with everything she owned. She talked about her father’s company, private islands, and mansion and even went so far by shoving her breast for him to see. Selina held back a passion to scratch her eyes from her eye socket. Couldn’t she see that Bruce was hers? It seemed Selina’s present beside him was something unimportant for the woman.

“I still haven’t found a good man for me, Mr. Knight. I hope I will meet him soon” The woman said seductively. Selina narrowed her eyes when she saw the woman’s eyes possessed a suspicious glint in them. It seemed they sent a message.

“I’m sure you will, Miss Gale.” Bruce replied, smiling politely at her. 

“Maybe you’ll find him sooner if you’re not wasting your time here, Miss Gale. Who knows you’ve missed your chance.” Selina said, smiling sweetly at her before she dragged Bruce to the dancing floor. 

“What’s wrong?” Bruce asked. His eyes twinkled with amusement. Selina scoffed before sneaking her arms around his neck, bring him into a gentle sway.

“You know what’s wrong! I don’t want to attend any party anymore. I don’t care if the one who holds it is your new friend or something.” 

“Come one, Selina. Jealousy doesn’t suit you” Bruce said gently. He was, in fact, quite pleased with Selina’s reaction. It wasn’t’ everyday he got to see a pouting Selina. 

“I’m not jealous” she muttered. He grinned and slowly closed the space between them, making her breast brushed his own chest. His hand moved lower from her waist sown to her hip. Selina smirked.

“You don’t have to worry, Selina. Why should I be interested with Miss Gale when I have you with me?” He said.
“I prefer a lady with dark brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin and full lips. Oh, add a woman who has a certain sexy suit in her wardrobe.” He whispered. 

“Hmm... I am wondering who she is, Mr. Knight? Do I know her?”

“Yes, you know her very well. She snapped to a certain woman and pouted her full lip because she was jealous of her” Selina glared at him.

“I didn’t pout”

“Oh look, she pouts again” Bruce chuckled. It was replaced with a hiss of pain though when a sharp object dug on his foot. Selina’s heels.

“Selina...” His tone sounded like a whine in Selina’s ears. Selina raised an eyebrow and smiled slyly.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Knight? You sound like you’re in pain” she asked. Bruce sent her a warning look and she rolled her eyes before moving her heels.

“I think you deserve a punishment, Miss Watson” Bruce whispered.

“Am I being a bad girl?”

“Ah, yes. You’ve made some mistakes, Miss Watson” Selina grimaced. Those words reminded her of a certain hot-headed police officer.

“Can you please never say something like that?”


“That sentence reminds me of Blake when he interrogated me. You should change it. I prefer to be interrogated by The Batman instead of a police officer.” She whispered. Her red lips touched his ear when she said the last sentence.

“Miss Watson, you’re being a bad girl. I have to make sure if you really have more in you.” The familiar raspy voice of Batman sent a smile on her face. Bruce’s lips moved closer to her ear.

 “Hm... What about I show you when you punish me, Mr. Knight. You will see a lot more in me than you’ve imagined” Selina kissed him hard on the lips. When they broke away, Selina sent a victory look at Miss Gale who watched them from far. She smiled in satisfaction when the woman looked away with an angry look on her face.

End for chapter 1

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