Theresa Rodriguez - Angel

Right when I was born
the lord sent me an angel.
An angel to protect me,
An angel to watch over and love me.

I always sought advise from her
all throughout the years.
I depended on her every thought.
And it was always her
who wiped away my tears.
She taught me many things -
"To always speak from the heart".
She always showed she loved and cared,
It her to always understand.
She never intentionally hurt me,
and for that
she has all my love.
She's the angel -
The angel sent from high above.

She knows most of my secrets,
right down to my first kiss.
She knows my length of patience
and still she always forgives.
All she has to do is look at me,
and deep down within my soul
she'd see
If I was hurt, scared, or happy.
She knows all the sides to me.

She was the one who carried me through
those nine painful months.
The one who made me the lady I am
And the woman I'll become.
God must have had a really good day,
when he sent you here for me.
Of all the angels in heaven,
You were meant for me.

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