Good Bye, My Dear Chinen

One of the saddest news and day happened on Thursday, 09 March 2017. The day when my beloved cat died. My cat, named Chinen by my sister and I, was just about two year old when he died. We had taken care of him since he was just a mere kitten, a month old. Therefore his death was mourned by all my family which of course involved crying and more crying.

My sister got him from her schoolmate. She fell in love with him at first sight. He was just so cute and very active. Because of his hyper activeness, we named him Chinen, after a very active and cute Japanese pop idol. He was like a beacon in my family. My family consists of four people including my sister and I. Since he came, our house was more alive and cheerful. He was like a younger brother to me. My family, especially my mother doted him very. So much that Chinen's soap, shampoo and everything were much more expensive than mine LOL
However, I didn't mind. I loved him too much to care about those silly things. He was just that special. 
Here is the picture when he came into my house for the first time:

Chine had a very unique colouring which set him apart from the cats my neighbours own. He had this dark-chocolate, earth-like colouring. Nothing else. It was very rare indeed. People immediately knew who and whose Chinen was. 

He grew up so fast that I sometimes missed his very cute kitten era. I knew I was selfish but I couldn't help it. I didn't want to lose him. But I couldn't turn back the time, couldn't I?

In 2015 I was sent to do a teacher program for a year to West Kutai, East Borneo. God, I missed him so much that I always asked about her through text message. It made my sister jealous, actually. But we laughed it together because we knew it would happen to anyone in my family. 
When I finally returned home, he was in my room and goodness, he had grown so big. He was so fluffy and cute and everything I didn't expect. But his innocent eyes were still the same. His innocent behaviours were still the same. He was my Chinen.

I was lucky to be able to spend time with him for the next six months because right now I am doing a Teacher Training Program in my former university, Unnes. I have to join for a year and I have to pass. 

My sister and I did many video calls through messangers, WhatApps, and facebook just to share many things about Chinen. For other people, it sounded so childish but for us those moments were important. Just looking at Chinen though camera made me happy and miss him.

Then the day came....

On Wednesday, 08 March 2017, 07.30 a.m. my mother called me in the morning. I was about to go to my campus that time. She told me that Chinen hadn't come home for two days. Two FUCKING days. My parents had looked for him until 01.00 a.m and even at dawn but he was nowhere to be found. His earth-like colouring which once we were so proud off, became one of out spectacles in finding him. 

The next morning, my mother called me that Chinen has been found. He was on the verge of death, I knew it. He couldn't move. He couldn't eat or even drank water. I was so scared. He was just lying on the bed. My family was in panic. True enough, the next day, he died.

God, it was painful. It felt like I was losing a brother. Maybe that was true. He was a wonderful addition in my family. 

Until now I still miss him very much. The cats in my boarding house cannot help me move on. Everythime I head a mewl, my mind goes to Chinen. I just hope that one day we can find another cat. He will not be Chinen. Chinen is only one. But at least the cheerfulness can return in my family. 

Goodbye Chinen. Until we meet again.

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