Trailer review : The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug

So, another year another movie sequel. The latest trailers of a certain movie sends movie lovers scream in delight, includes myself.

Well, the sequel of Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey's trailers, started with the teaser, ha been a talk among the movie-lovers everywhere. Why? because it looks so damn great. 

In Unexpected Journey, we're introduced to a pre-action with Lord of The Ring atmosphere. In my opinion, the first one is too long and too slow with only some action. It's not enough for me. I need something more. Something that must reminds me to the Lord of The Ring. I know this is a different book, a children book. However, this is a prequel of The Lord of The Ring. It should introduce how "dark" actually Middle Earth was when Sauron was trying his best to create a powerful ring as well as the "monster and beast creatures" we known from the Lord of The Ring books. So, since this movie is changed into darker version of The children book The Hobbit, then it should, at least, give us a glimpse of The Lord of The Ring.

So, after some disappointment and such from the first movie, the second one looks so much better based on the trailers. We will see Mirkwoord, a kingdom filled with giant spiders and dark forest. Mirkwood is said to be very different that homey Rivendell or beautiful Lorien. It is a dark elf kingdom ruled by a very cold, sadist and powerful elf, King Thranduil or Legolas' father.

We also see the new elleth played by E Lily and of course the King's son himself, Legolas. You can say that I cannot wait to see how Legolas acts in his own kingdom. Will he be the same one in the fellowship? a loyal friend that humble enough not to show his status. Or maybe he will be someone respected and prince-like? I cannot wait to see it, especially when he begins firing his arrows deadly. Also, I don't doubt that many fanfiction of him and the new elleth will flood any fanfiction site soon, even though the director has said that there will be no romance between them. They have some scenes together.

Some still confused why Legolas is there since he isn't mentioned in the book. He just isn't mention. It doesn't mean he isn't there. In Hobbit book, Bilbo was in his kingdom, Mirkwood, after all and he was about 3000 years old. It makes perfect sense if he is shown in the movie.

Anyway, here are the trailer :

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