My Obsessions that Begin with Hatred.

Hello everyone!!!!! I have a story for all of you. If any of you have an obsession over something, it always begins with a sudden liking or, well, liking, right? Have you ever start obsessed with something but hate it at first? I have experienced it, which is weird because usually when I hate something, it will remain forever.

Since I entered University, I suddenly began to have some obsession with something. Maybe because that time was also the time I can freely browsed internet without going to an Internet Cafe.

I have obsessed with Harry Potter since Junior High School, so I will not talk about it. I am kinda of a girl who will not obsess with something new so soon. I usually have average liking first then begin liking them and then began to obsess. Funny thing is that I have two new obsessions since 2011 which began with I hate the said subjects. Weird, huh?? Well, that's true.

First is Nolan Batman Trilogy. 

Mr. Sangar aka Batman
Yes, you read that right!! You must be confused, huh? If you read my reviews of them then you know immediately that I'm a big fan of Nolan's Batman and its cast. The problem was that I didn't know that Batman Begins was made by Nolan. Heh, yeah.... you can say I'm retarded or something. I was. I admit it. Why? because I watched BB in the TV where usually didn't really show the credits (well, in my country TV). So, when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was buzzing around, The Dark Knight was mentioned.

I was kinda angry because everyone compared whether Deathly Hallows would beat Dark Knight's record. I was like "What kind of movie is The Dark Knight?' I didn't bother do some researches because I was occupied with exams. It was until I saw the hospital scene of The Dark Knight in TV where Harvey Dent was already Two-Face and talking with Joker in nurse uniform.

I was so impressed with the acting and saw the title at the corner of my TV. It showed the Dark Knight. I decided to watch it and when I saw Bale (I forgot about him in Batman Begins) on screen, I was "Ohh... What a gorgeous man. He must be the main character", then when I saw Batman on screen, I was like "WHAT?!". I was so impressed with the movie and fell in love with it. That, my friends, was the beginning of my obsession with Nolan's Batman. In addition, I am obsessed with Bruce/Selina now (Nolan's of course).

Next one is Clato or Cato and Clove pairing (Hunger Games). 

District 2 Tributes : Cato and Clove
 For some of you who didn't know about it, it was a ship of two characters from Hunger Games.Two tributes from District 2. I watched the movie before reading the book, mainly because there are so many Potterhead who are its fan and also because I saw Jennifer Lawrence in it. When I watched it, my attention was focus on Clove. I felt like I have seen this girl before. After the movie, I hate her and Cato. I was completely hate them because of their "I-AM-HOLIER-THAN-THOU" attitude. Then I watched Orphan for about 3rd time and when I saw Esther, I screamed "That's Clove!". I was so impressed by Isabelle's acting in Orphan that I recalled her performance in Hunger Games. Wow, the girl was good. 

As usual, when I find something new like book or movie, I will look for its fanfics. I browsed many stories and ended up with KatnissXPeeta and FinnickXAnnie as my favorites. I was still like"Why they made CatoXClove stories? Is it because Clove screams his name in the movie?". Then, there were also GlimmerXCato haters. I was confused because she was the only one in the movie that looked very close to Cato. Curious, I decided to download the Hunger Games Trilogy E-Book. Then I realized why Clato was more popular. That's because they were either very care about each other or love each other. Maybe they were the real star-crossed lovers in the game. Read this paragraph! I found it in the book :

“No! No, I —” Clove sees the stone, about the size of a small loaf of bread in Thresh’s hand and loses it. “Cato!” she screeches. “Cato!”

“Clove!” I hear Cato’s answer, but he’s too far away, I can tell that much, to do her any good. What was he doing? Trying to get Foxface or Peeta? Or had he been lying in wait for Thresh and just badly misjudged his location?


 “Clove!” Cato’s voice is much nearer now. I can tell by the pain in it that he sees her on the ground.

“You better run now, Fire Girl,” says Thresh.

I don’t need to be told twice. I flip over and my feet dip into the hard-packed earth as I run away from Thresh and Clove and the sound of Cato’s voice. Only when I reach the woods do I turn back for an instant. Thresh and both large backpacks are vanishing over the edge of the plain into the area I’ve never seen. Cato kneels beside Clove, spear in hand, begging her to stay with him. In a moment, he will realize it’s futile, she can’t be saved.

It woke me up. Just those paragraphs. How could someone like Cato, a killing machine, could actually care for someone. It was much more than the rule where the two tributes from same district could go home together. A Career was someone who trained hard for the tournament and became a victor. They shouldn't really involve with something like "care" or "love" because they have to kill each other in the arena. The rule was the same for years, so the "one only victor" had been planted in their head since they began training.

A killing machine answer the call from someone else when he just abandoned his partner under the mercy of merciless tracker-jacker? Most importantly is a killing machine KNELT AND BEGGED for a GIRL to STAY WITH HIM? Wow...!! 

Since then I realized that beneath those crazy killing machines both Cato and Clove had, they were just teenagers who had feeling. They were just trapped under the Capitol's games. Since then I adored them. I adore them. 

Few, those are my new obsessions right now...

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