Life Lessons from Harry Potter Part 1

Harry Potter. Who doesn't know this series? Book series that has earned many important award by critics and also give inspiration for all the readers. This series is not only a good book but very clever book series. It also has many moral values or life lesson for the readers. The most important thing is this series touch humanity in deep level. That's why even adult love it.

Let's figure out life lessons we can get from this wonderful series book. Let's start with the one that really familiar for teenagers. Love.

Harry Potter and his true love Ginny Weasley
Everyone remembers the first time Harry fell for Cho. Even though that attraction soon fizzled, if Harry hadn’t  first opened himself to the possibility of love with Cho, he might have missed falling in love with Ginny.  He might have dismissed his true feelings instead of acknowledging them. The rest is history because, as we all know, Harry and Ginny get married and live happily ever after with 3 children.

So open your heart and your mind to the possibility of love. Don't let anything else distract you from it.  Learn to take some chances and to give love to others first. You never know—love may really find you when you least expect it.

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