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I have been liking them since I know KAT-TUN, which was five years ago, but I didn't become their fan until around three years ago. I don't really feel like writing about my favourite boybands, so that's why I didn't put them on my blog. I prefer to show my favourite singers' amazing music/songs rather than talk about them. However, I changed my mind.

Well, even though I have found KAT-TUN five yeas ago when I was in Senior High School, I didn't really care about other Johnnys, Heck, I didn't even know Johnny that time. I began knowing Johnny when I become an Ueda Tatsuya's fan. There, I began to know KAT-TUN, Arashi, News, Tackey and Tsubasa, Kinki Kids, etc.

Hey!Say!JUMP which stands for Hey! Say! Johnny's Ultra Music Power" consisted for ten members until one of the member Morimoto Ryutaro kicked out from Johnny because of a smoking underage scandal. Now, it is only consist for nine members. Nine members that have already grown up... Hah, I miss their cute teenager attics. 

This is the original Hey!Say!JUMP

Original Hey!Say!Jump

Hey!Say!JUMP is divided into two subgroups, Hey!Say!BEST and Hey!Say!7. BEST consists of Yabu Kota, Takaki Yuya, Inoo Kei, Arioka Daiki nd Yaotome Hikaru, while Seven consisted of Yamada Ryosuke, Chiinen Yuri, Morimoto Ryutarou, Okamoto Keito and Nakajima Yuto.

You can see the picture, just put a line in the middle of the picture and you get Best and Seven separated. 

Okay now, Let's talk about the member....

The Leader : YABU KOTA ((薮 宏太 31 January 1990)

The leader and the oldest member (24th years old in 2014) in Hey!Say!JUMP. Because of the "leader" role, Yabu has to gather and "babysit" the members, especially the Seven members. He sometimes earns nickname Yabu-papa  from the members. Yabu attends Waseda University, studying human science.

Yabu has a very close relationship with Inoo and even says that among the members, there are many things that he only can talk with Inoo. He and Inoo has so many TV shows about knowledge and such. They are a pair of smart "couple". Yabu doesn't mind being called Inoo's couple and even comments "Inoo-chan is like my fiance..." I was like "WHAT??!" when I read it. Yabu has this "maniac mode", a mode when he will talk many things that cross his mind without realizing the time, place and theme of the talk. The audiences will go blank and the members will be quiet because they don't understand a thing. Other members claim that only Inoo understand Yabu when he is in his maniac mode and this is confirmed by both Yabu and Inoo.

One of his songs in HSJ album is "SNAP" and also his duet "OTO" with Inoo. He writes the lyric for "OTO" while Inoo composes it.

He was in a Junior group called Ya-Ya-Ya with Yaotome Hikaru, who became a Hey!Say!JUMP member with him, Taiyou and Yamashita Shoon (both exited from Johnny and Associate).

In April, his new detective drama called "White Lab" will be aired.

I really like it when he smiles because his eyes disappear LOL. He has this "I-am-Gentle-and-Caring-Guy" aura that makes girls want to be held in his arms. I do. LOL

TAKAKI YUYA ((高木 雄也 March 26, 1990)

Takaki is the second oldest member in Hey!Say!JUMP but has a heart of child, at least that is what the other members say. It maybe because he was an ex-member of Hey!Say!7 when it was just a temporal group. In his Junior days, He was a member of J.J Express. He was in a popular dorama Gokusen 3 in 2008,  he did give a good performance in the drama. He also wrote a song that became the ending of the drama which is Oretachi no Seishun. He also write "TIME" which is one of HSJ's best songs.

INOO KEI (伊野尾 慧 June 22, 1990)

This is my ICHIBAN in Hey!Say!JUMP. The most interesting person with randomness and weird yet fresh personality in the group. Look at that beautiful face~~~~
The first time I saw Inoo Kei, I though he was a girl. Well, don't blame me, people. Look at the second picture below. It was the first picture I got when I searched for Inoo Kei :

See what I mean?? His graceful attitude didn't help at all. Inoo graduated from Meiji University, Department of Architecture, School of Science and Technology. ALMOST in every Johnny group, you'll find a very beautiful member that will confuse you about his gender when he was young and before he transforms for a drama or movie. Look at KAT-TUN'S Ueda Tatsuya before he went bald, NEWS's Tegoshi Yuya, Kanjani8's Yokoyama Yu, etc. 

His randomness is amazing... it is the main reason why I love him very much. he seldom talks but when he talks, he will make a witty comment, and it will make the other members shock or surprise. He has a very close relationship with Yabu Kota that earns them nickname "married couple" by Chiinen. It is because both of them have know each other since audition day because they went to it together.

Inoo is traditional guy. He dislike those burgers and soda drinks his friends love He can eat them but he doesn't really like them. He is a glutton. Yabu says that he eats five meals everyday complete with rice and green tea. He also buy something when he really needs it. He will wait for his shoes and shirts to be rotten before buying new ones. It irritates Yabu a lot. 

However, it is also his randomeness, witty comments, and unique attitude that make me see him as genius. Go brows his interviews and you'll find many tremendous witty comments people have never thought about and cared about, especially his crosstalk with Yabu.

When earthquake occurred in Japan, Inoo and his friends were in a university project for helping the victims. He and friends went to Germany to gain some supports for the project. The project was awesome. Inoo Kei's name is underlined in red line. This gained some respect for him from many people. He even had close relationship with his professors... I cannot believe it!!

Before Hey!Say!JUMP, Inoo was in J.J.Express as the Leader. In 2014, Inoo will star in a drama called "Dark System Koi no Oza Ketteisen" with Yaotome Hikaru and their newest single "Arino Arika" will be the theme song. In April, his drama with Kanjani8's Yasuda Shota called "Naruyouni Narusa 2" will be aired.

In many Hey!Say!Jump concerts, Inoo plays piano.

YAOTOME HIKARU (八乙女 光 December 2, 1990)

The first time I saw Hikaru was when there was this certain episode of Shounen Club where a Mr. X section was played with Nishikido Ryo as the Mr. X. It was the time when Ueda and Nishikido were in fighting mode. Hikaru was one of the "students" who had to guess the Mr. X along with Akanishi and KAT-TUN's Nakamaru.

Hikaru was a member of Ya-Ya-Yah with Yabu before joining Hey!Say!JUMP. He is the rapper of the group. In many Hey!Say!Jump concerts' he plays guitar.

ARIOKA DAIKI (有岡 大貴April 15, 1991)

The  first time I saw Daiki was in Scrap Teacher. That time I didn't know that he was 2-3 years older than the rest of is cast mates LOL. When almost all the cast of the students was about 14-15, Daiki was 17 year old. In Sensei wa Erai, Daiki even acted as a first grade of Junior High School along with his Scrap Teacher cast mates. LOL.
He was so short back then and those cute chubby cheeks didn't help him at all. He always stuck with Seven members when it comes to drama together instead of the Best. Poor him (>_<)

Before Hey!Say!JUMP, Daiki was a member of J.J Express.

OKAMOTO KEITO (岡本 圭人April 1, 1993)

Keito is the son of Kenichi Okamoto, a former member of the rockband & Johnny's group Otokogumi and model Nishi Katsue. He lived in England for almost four years until returning to Japan so of course he is the only one who is fluent in English. He plays guitar along with Yaotome Hikaru in many Hey!Say!JUMP concerts.

Keito starred in a SP called Kanpechi as a delinquent boy and I hope that he will be in more drama in the future. Keito, according to the other members, is a"gentleman". He is the nicest member and always try to help others. He's quite most of the time. Right now, Keito is studying in Sophia University majoring Liberal Art

YAMADA RYOSUKE (山田 涼介May 9, 1993)

Yamada or Yama-chan is the most popular member in Hey!Say!JUMP. Because of his popularity, not only he joins two boybands (Hey!Say!Jump nd NYC with Chiinen), he also has his own solo debut. His solo debut is "Mystery Virgin" in 2013

Yamada became famous when he starred in Tantei Gakuen Q SP in 2006 then joined the cast again in Drama Series Tantei Gakuen Q in 2007. He played Amakusa Ryu. At the same time in 2007, Hey!Say!Jump debuted for the first time. His popularity increased when he starred in Scrap Teacher and One Pound of Gospel. In 2012 he landed in his first comedy role Risou no Musuko which earned many praises since usually he played a cool character. 

In 2013, He played the role Hajime Kindaichi with his bandmate Arioka Daiki. The movie was shot in Taiwan. The second Kindaichi movie was aired January 2014 which was shot in Malaysia. The role itself, he got directly from Kibayashi Shin, writer of the Kindaichi series and Tantei Gakuen Q. He even had visioned creating a new Kindaichi series with Yamada as Hajime Kindaichi for almost five years. They met on set while filming Tantei Gakuen Q in 2006 and 2007.

Yamada has the best voice among the Hey!Say!Jump so he has many solo parts in every Hey!Say!JUMP songs and he is also one of the best dancers in the group. You will always find him at the front, Super Delicate, Hitomi no Screen, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and Shinku were among them. The song "Shinku" is written by Yamada himself.

NAKAJIMA YUTO (中島裕翔 10 August 1993)

The first tme I saw Yuto was when I watched Nobuta wo Produce in 2005. He played Kamenashi's little brother Kiritani Koji. He was in a junior group J.J Express before joining Hey!Say!JUMP. Yuto along with Yamada and Chiinen were studied in Horikoshi Gakuen. Yut wrote the lyric for song "Dash!!" in album JUMP No.1

Even though he was one of the younger members, Yuto is the tallest in the group. God, even Yuya and Yabu get beaten. However, he should add more muscles and meat on that bone because he is skinny. He is also the most cheerful member. He is Yamada's best friend since they spend more time together since 2007 because their houses are near to each other.

CHIINEN YURI ((知念 侑李November 30, 1993)

Chiinen Yuri is the cutest member of the group because of the child-like face he got until now. He looks somewhat out of place with the members who have grown up ad look manly, especially when they have to do "sexy" poses. He has a high voice like Inoo. If you listened to Hey!Say!7's "Wonderland Train" then Hey!Say!7's Just For You, you will notice that his voice still have that high child-like tone. He's different with Yamada who already got his deep perfect voice since young. He is also a member of NYC with Yamada and Nakayama Yuma.

In Scrap Teacher, he's quite an eye catch even though he is just standing around looking cute. However, it seems like his acting improved because in June 2012, Chinen had his first lead-role drama series Sprout and  won the 2012 Drama of the Year award under the category Best New Comer (actor).

EX-MEMBER : MORIMOTO RYUTARO (森本 龍太郞 April 6, 1995)

Morimoto Ryotaro actually was the cutest Junior when he auditioned with Yamada in 2004. He was also the youngest in the group being 2 years younger that Chiinen Yuri. He was suspended for underage smoking in January and May 2010 and left Johnny shortly after. 

Actually in this case, Takaki Yuya also rumoured to be drinking and smoking underage but a magazine actually got Morimoto's pictures. So BAM! A proof in that when Takaki's is only rumor, even though maybe it was true. Many fans, me included, actually want him to come back.

Ryu is accepted into Tamagawa Unievrsity now so his chance to return to HSJ or even Johnny is getting slimmer... Let's allow him to do whatever he thinks is good for himself... let's support his choice...!

Rank of voice :
1. Yamada Ryosuke
2. Yabu Kota
3. Takaki Yuya
4. Chiinen Yuri
5. Yaotome Hikaru
6. Nakajima Yuto
7. Arioka Daiki
8. Okamoto Keito
9. Inoo Kei 

Top Ten songs :
1. Shinku
2. Your Seed
3. Star Time
4. Super Delicate
5. Scramble (Hey!Say!BEST)
6. Bounce
7. Just For You (Hey!Say!7)
8. Ride With Me
9. Time
10. Oto (Yabu and Inoo)

Rank of My Bias :
1. Inoo Kei
2. Yamada Ryosuke
3. Chiinen Yuri
4. Takaki Yuya
5.Nakajima Yuto
6. Yabu Kota
7. Arioka Daiki
8. Okamoto Keito
9. Yaotome Hikaru

Hey!Say!JUMP - Shinku (Shounen Club)


Hey!Say!JUMP - Ride With Me (Best Artist Live)

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