Trailer Review : Man Of Steel Trailer 3

Okay!! Now the last trailer (probably) for Man of Steel or Superman has arrive! 

The first time I heard that Warner Brothers would reboot Superman, I didn't fell any excitement or something else. Superman Return starred Brandon R and Kate B years back wasn't really bad. It was a mediocre but not bad at all.

So I was having this I-dont-care attitude everytime the reboot of Superman came up on the movie news blogs. However, when WB announced that Christopher Nolan would WRITE and PRODUCE the movie, I was kind of WTF??

As far as I know, Nolan is someone who likes "realism" substance in his movie. so how the alien superhero would be a "realistic-fantasy" movie?? Furthermore with Nolan's job as the producer. I wondered who would be the director. After all, the director should be a good one and possibly has to prepare his/her ears to hear all the details of plot, characters development, new world, and etc from the great Christopher Nolan who likes to have his own ink in his movie, directed or produced by him. If you cannot keep up with his brain, then there's no hope for you.

Sooo, I waited for every news and such even though my excitement wasn't really there. Seriously, I always excited everytime there's a news about Christopher Nolan's movie, casting, and such but I don't really feel any for Man of Steel. Probably because Henry Cavill, who an actor I don't really know, is cast as Superman or something, I don't know. Even with Amy Adam as Lois Lane, the only cast I admired so far, didn't really pump up my excitement.

When the teaser trailer came, I was like... Hmmm, okay

When the second trailer came, I was like... Hmm okay, it's getting better...

Then when the 3rd trailer came, I was like.... Holy shit! That's awesome....

Really, compared to the previous trailers, this one looks the best with many important keys in it. With the amazing Hans Zimmer's scores, I onyl could stare at my laptop screen with excitement.

Even though Hans Zimmer already said that his score would be so different with The Dark Knight Trilogy, this score is really surprising. It doesn't feel like any score that people think will come out from Hans Zimmer. Almost all Zimmer's scores for superhero and sci-fi movies were dark and brutal-like, especially The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception.

There're many things that might be important, like how the Krypton is on war, how Superman is sent to Earth to be "The God" for human.

There's this amazing touching scene, where Clark's father, Pa Kent, shows the young Kent to the "vehicle" that sends him to Earth and then the conversation :

Clark Ken :  "Can't I go on pretending I'm your son?"

Pa Kent : "You ARE my son"

It is only view second in the trailer but it is really good and touching. You will feel pity and humanity of the characters in this small scene in the trailer. 

And then it seems that Lois Lane is searching for either Superman or Clark Kent based on her line :

"How do you find someone who has spent a lifetime covering his tracks,”

There's a report that in the movie, she is searching for a man with extraordinary power. She labels her as guardian angel. So, maybe Clark is not her work-mate. Yet. Maybe after Clark falls in love with her or in need of a good job, he will sign up in Daily Planet. Who knows?

The we see a bunch of action of Superman saves the Earth. It's really great!! 

The best thing in the trailer is the last seconds of it where Lois is either interviewing or interrogating Superman in a room. The conversation is like :

Lois : "What does the S stand for?"

Superman : "It's not an S. In my world, it means hope"

Lois : "Well, it's S here. What about Super---"


Superman : "Excuse me?"

Wow, I never expect that. This probably just Nolan brothers and Goyer idea but this is a very good idea. It fits with the whole Jor-El, Superman's real father has said at the beginning of the trailer.

"You will give the people of earth an ideal to strive for. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time you will help them accomplish wonders." 

I cannot wait to see this movie... If I have to give this trailer a rating, then it will obviously A+

Let's hope that the movie itself will be as great as the trailer...
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