Dark Themed Fairytales Syndrome in Hollywood : From Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Now Cinderella. What's Next?

Charlize Theron and Julia Robert as evil queen
Okay so few days ago, I saw a headline about this beautiful young woman, Emma Watson,  saying that she is in talk to star in possibly dark Cinderella live action. My mind goes to The Beauty and The Beast, which is her and Del Toro's project for 2014. Hm... is it possible that an actress will star in two different Disney princess movie. Literally it's okay, but will it not be .... strange? Well, it wouldn't if the chosen actress has a talent to portray two different characters in different styles of acting since they ARE different. I don't want something like Snow White and The Huntsmen happened again. You know? the Snow White = Bella Swan. No differences in the character because of Stewart's bad acting skill.

So, since Batman Begins was on the theater, all superhero movies become dark. Since Harry Potter slowly became darker with each sequel, fantasy movies become dark, for example Twilight movies that are made to be dark but didn't work because of the lack of serious problems for the main characters. Then many reboot were done from superhero movies even to kid's fairy tales. 

At first we have two movies with same background story that changes into something dark. Snow White. We have Mirror Mirror and Huntsmen. Both succeeded on the box office even though both sucks and have bad critics rating. It was caused by the lack of story telling in the both movies.

In Mirror Mirror, the evil queen was not truly evil. Julia Robert was more like annoying queen, rather than an evil one. The Snow White, played by Collins was enjoyable enough for the theme. Her innocent face fits the dark yet kid's friendly theme in the movie. The dark theme was only added in the "unique" Snow White who was stealing and robbing with the "robbers" in a form of dwarves. The worst part was when the Prince licked Queen's face. The costumes was good, especially Snow White's blue dress she wore to rob someone. The directing and others were not. 

In Huntsmen, we met a truly evil queen, who was a witch just like the Disney cartoon. Theron played it well. Then we met the Snow White played by Stewart who only had one expression on her face from the start to finish, fightened. The we met the Huntsmen mainly played by Hemsworth, who was good. Theron and Hemsworth's acting were great. Stewart's was not. Dwarves didn't really have anything to do here and they looked like Hobbits than Dwarves. The costumes were good, the speciall effect was good, the others were not. The Snow White didn't have anything to do than being hunted by evil queen, screamed like a child when she was trying to convince the Huntsmen (caused by Stewart's bad acting), being protected by both Huntsmen and Prince and be the queen. There was no real "Feminism" in the movie. Without Snow White in the picture, the movie still could end up with the defeat of the queen. Mainly because Snow White was less interesting and also didn't do the dirty work. The movie was carried by Theron and Hemsworth. 

The recently we have Jack The Giant Slayers, a movie which is too dark for the little kids and yet too stupid for older movie lovers to see. The weak plot, even though with good effect, cannot gives the satisfying dark theme it is trying to give even though it does give entertainment for the audience.
I think the only good dark theme fairy tale is Pan's Labyrinth. A Mexico movie, that was taken a main plot of Alice in Wonderland, gave the wonderful dark theme of fairy tale. The acting, the plot, the effect, all were good. It won Best Foreign Picture.

Cinderella or Belle?
Then we see Emma Watson in talked for Beauty and The Beast, then another one is Sleeping Beauty stars someone I don't know and now once again Emma Watson in talk for Cinderella along with another actresses.

I can see the dark theme for Snow White because it is actually dark with the evil witch in queen form and the dark forest. I can see the dark theme  part in Jack because Jack had to face giant when he was above the bean tree. I can see the dark theme in Beauty and The Beast because the "Beast" itself is a dark character. I can see the dark theme for Sleeping Beauty because of the evil witch and the things the prince has to defeat before he can save the princess. But Cinderella? aside for the beating she had to endure from the step mother and sisters, I cannot see any darkness in this story.

I don't know how they will turn the very cheesy story like Cinderella into a dark theme fairytale. Maybe if the scriptwriter, director and producer can think of something, it will turn out okay. At least okay because until now we haven't seen a reboot of fairy tale turns out at least "Fresh" in rotten tomatoes. My hope is still on Del Toro's Beauty and The Beast right now because Del Toro is a master of dark fantasy. He co-write The Hobbits with Peter Jackson and even though The Hobbits is children book, it turns out to be a good dark fantasy movie.

My mind flies to the rest of Disney Princesses. Will they may a dark theme of Jasmine and Ariel? Ariel, possibly, Jasmine?? I don't know. I cannot help but to say that Hollywood is running out of idea that make them reboot and reboot many movies and tales and change them into something darker just because of the success of previous movie. But who am I kidding with? It's Hollywood where most of them only think of money and hot girls and guys without actually trying to make a good movie with a good cast full of talent. They always said "movie is for entertainment" but I don't want to be serve a bad entertainment, buddy. I want a "good quality of entertainment" that only can be produced if the filmmakers are serious in the making of a movie.

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