Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!!!

I know this is late but HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I haven't got any chance to say it in this blog because I was so busy (I'm going to have final examination and it starts on Monday. Yeah I know I should study instead write this, right?)

Let's hope that this new year everything will go as smooth as we want it to.

Let's pray, everyone, that all problems can be solved this year so that we will not have to see news filled with conflict whether it is about politics, Human Right or everything else.

Let's pray that our beloved parents will not be taken from us. May Allah gives them long life so that they can see us reach our dream.

Let's pray that Allah will give us long life as well, so that we can fix whatever we did wrong in the previous year. We are the only one who can fix it, no one else. So that we can show people who we are and what we can do.

Let's hope this year will be a better year for everyone!!

Okay, I have something for you... Not really a manip picture but a combination picture since I combine two pictures into one LOL...

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne on Vacation...

It's not really bad, isn't it??
Well, Happy new year, everyone!

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