Belated Congratulation Anne Hathaway!!!!

I know this is so late................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hm... I just realize it few weeks ago and just now can write it. Sorry !!!!!!! (T_T)

Okay, I will calm down a little...

Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actress since her Princess Diary 1 and I will continue like her... why not? she's not only a beautiful woman but also one of the best actress in Hollywood.

Okay, so last September 9th, Anne was having the biggest day in her life, her wedding day with Adam Shulman. Anna had postponed her wedding day due to the tight schedule and finally it happened. I hope this will be her first and her last. I hope her husband will treat her right, love her until death. Just like what he had said in his voe or promise to Anne.

What caught my eyes, other that the wedding, was Anne's wedding dress!! It was designed by Valentino and I absolutely love it.

The dress has princess fairy-tales like feeling. I also love the head-band or whatever they call it. I think it's cute...

Well, congratulation!! I hope the best for you two...

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