Emma Watson Talks Del Toro's Beauty and The Beast

Still remember my post about "Emma Watson sebagai Belle? Pantaskah?" or "Emma Watson as Belle? Can She?". I talked about Emma Watson as the perfect Belle and I personally think that she is perfect until now. I still hung my hope above the sky about that movie... It could be just a rumor but we still can hope, right?

So, there's a good news from Miss Watson herself about the movie. A news that makes my hope goes higher to the seventh heaven. Emma Watson recently talks about Del Toro' Beauty and The Beast or "The Beast" and the rumor said that the shooting will start next summer, when exactly I don't know.

Here is the article about it...
Emma Watson: Guillermo del Toro's 'Beauty and the Beast' to shoot next summer

'Harry Potter' star says she's 'very excited' to get started on fairytale retelling

"Harry Potter" star Emma Watson is preparing to embark on a new fantasy.

The "Perks of a Wallflower" actress has revealed that "Beauty and the Beast," a big-screen retelling of the classic fairytale that's being written, directed and produced by Guillermo del Toro, is slated to begin filming next summer.

"We [del Toro and I] met a week or two ago, and we started working on the script, and it's going to go next summer," Watson told MTV. "It's so funny, obviously I've been doing a lot of other work, and I was nervous. I was like, 'Is this going to go away?' And Guillermo is so psyched about it, and he's like been thinking about it so much."

He's not the only one - after checking out del Toro's sketchbooks for the film, Watson admitted she's been chomping at the bit to get started ever since.
"I was like, 'Ah, this is killing me,'" said the actress. "I'm very excited."

Del Toro wrapped production on his now-undergoing-a-3D-post-conversion robots-and-monsters flick "Pacific Rim" (release date: July 12, 2013) earlier this year, so if what Watson claims actually pans out, "Beauty and the Beast" would be next up to bat for the director. We'll keep you posted.

source : http://www.hitfix.com/news/emma-watson-guillermo-del-toros-beauty-and-the-beast-to-shoot-next-summer?_r=true

I really hope it will happen. Emma's acting ability increase rapidly since Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Don't believe me? Watch her newest movie " The Perk of Being Wallflower"!!

So what do you think? Remember Del Toro is amazing fantasy director (Pan's Labyrinth is Oscar Winner for Best Foreign Movie) and Emma is good actress... We just wait who will be The Beast...

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