First : Introduction

Assalamualaikum wr wb...

Hello guys, for those who have read this very first post I made, then you must realize that, yeah, I edited this. It has been a long time and I feel that it is time to change this introduction. Okay, let's begin with me.

I am Shinta Devi, I am a twenty-something-year-old young woman... I am an English Education graduate but I do know that my English sucks LOL I am trying to improve my English. Hopefully, I will be on the Advance lever one day. Soon I hope. I start this blog in 2011 and I wish to continue writing because I love to share many things.

Okay, here I will tell you what I write on this blog.
1. Movie reviews
I review movies and trailers. I am a moviegoer, therefore I watch many movies. However, not all movies I review because sometimes I watch movies weeks after it is released. If I watch a movie when it is still trending, then I'll review it. I also will review old movies which captivating me. My friends find it is interesting that I watch old movies. I have movies starred Elizabeth Taylor and Vivian Leigh. Maybe I'll write reviews of those movies.

2. Celebs
I love several celebrities such as Tom Felton, Emma Watson, Emil Andersson, etc. You will find their pictures here.

3. Opinion
I write m opinion about certain articles here or cultural phenomenon here. I am trying not to offend anyone when I write.

4. Experience
I share my experiences that I think is interesting. I have written My SM-3T, PPG and others. I believe that those experiences will give some benefits to people.

5. Fanfiction
I love writing fanfiction and I have written many of them but I only share about two or three here. Feel free to read them. I just do not really have time to write fanfiction nowadays, therefore maybe I will stop updating them.

6. Poems
I will post poems that I have found here. I always attach the creators. I am not plagiarize them.

7. Lyrics
I share several lyrics here.

8. health information

and many more... I believe I have covered the topics which I share the most. Feel free to explore and find out more. Thank you

Wassalamualaikum wr wb

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