Myth About Love

 We always find myths around us. Sometimes, those myths scares human because of their mysterious and dark background. But some of them are being made fun of because of their silliness. One of those myths is Love. Who says that love doesn't have myths? You must be living under rock then. It does and for anyone who doesn't know, here I'll tell you...

Myth: Love alone is enough as a basic of relationship
Fact: In choosing a partner of life, a lot of people always thinking about love. It's not wrong, but when you want a more serious relationship such as marriage, the passionate feelings of love is not enough. Love is like a plant. Love also requires nutrients to keep it alive. Trust, tolerance, intimacy and commitment are the main nutrients for love. If you just feel love  only, without being followed by a nutrient, it can be ascertained, that your love will not last long.

Myth: Love does not need to be studied
Fact: Love also needs to be studied. If you think love is enough, then automatically you and your partner will never learn how to communicate and solve problems. In the relationship, problems can not be avoided. But when a violent storm tests your love can pass, the bond between you and your partner is getting stronger. Therefore, do not make your love an excuse to stop studying and get to know your partner more deeply.

Myth: Our partner will never changed
Fact: Every person will changes over time. Once the he often wrote poetry for you, but now, romantic text had never existed. You can not prevent such changes. All you can do is adjust to the changes then you'll be happy. Moreover, does his love could only be proven through his poems alone?

Myth: The perfect partner will make you happy
Fact: No one is perfect. Do not spend your time to find the perfect person, But find someone who can enhance your life. He probably is not as hot as Tom Felton, not as rich as Daniel Radcliffe and his abs is not as perfect as Gackt. But his patience is the one that can make your heart calm all the time. That partner is 'perfect'.

Myth: Marriage is an achievement
Fact: Do not ever bother with the status of a married friend. Marriage isn't an achievement. Having a husband that does not mean you are better than another woman. Rather than despair because of your status as a single, you'd better open your mind to be more positive. Aura and positive emotions will make you more attractive. And when the time is right, a 'prince' will come and propose you.

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